What is best when you are squatting, to ride it or jump on it?

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what or who is said "it" lol

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...agreed lol.

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thee d*ck.

What on earth is a diddy ride?
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I dont know if JUMPING on someone's d1ck would be fun for either of you.Do whatever you want, try 'em both out, see which one YOU think is best. F*cking A.

Ride it Right

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.waht i mean by jumping is goin up nd down.

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.waht i mean by jumping is goin up nd down.

How was your best first date?

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umm, a mix of grinding and moving your hips AS IF you were hopping on your knees with your body leaning forward or backwards is what I like. I'm sure a good amount of guys agree with me.

What is the best way to massage your G-Spot?
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if your very passionate and want to go for the slow but romantic orgassm you should ride it but if you want that great, energy taking wild orgassm then you should jump

when is the best time for p.d.a?

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I think she means like bouncing or moving back and forth.

after you, there's only second best.

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