How can I apologize to my boyfriend in an indirect way for not being able to hang out much these days?

(family issues because i’m having my exams these days -.- )

Answer #1

It doesn’t have to be indirect, but get him a present, and when he says what is it for, tell him you wish you could spend more time with him, and when you finish your exams you will make it up to him. Im sure he understands that your exams are important :) you will be fine

Answer #2

thanks you =) xx

Answer #3

Do you seriosly need to apologise? Your BF should understand that you have exams and you need time to study, if anything he should be supportive and help you not make you feel guilty for doing what you are supposed to do…

Answer #4

for get the inderect stuff it is a shure way to get trubble. Just come out and tell him that you are sorry that you have to be so bussy. remind him it is important. Figure out if there is some way for him to help you when you get a brake call him and let him know that you would rather be with him.

Answer #5

he is ! but you know when someone is going like : no hunny it’s okay just concentrate in your studies but i know deeo inside that he’s sad ..

Answer #6


Answer #7

my boyfriend and i were in a similar situation except flipped, and i was the one that ended up paying stuff for him….

Answer #8

like how?

Answer #9

he was the one that was always busy and we acutally had a fight about it, he ditched plans to go on a walk alone, i let him know that i was upset, and he said things were going to get better, and we did see eachother a bit more, but i ended up buying him a gift, i dont think i should have i felt like it was a bribe, but in your situation a nice gift or even a note telling him your feelings is nice, i wish my boyfriend would still write me notes.

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