Do american ladies like irish guys?

i’m hoping to travel to ny or boston for the summer to work before returning to study and would like some abvice before i head out! im 31 and hoping to meet some nice ppl out there! :) ?

Answer #1

I’m sure they’ll like you (Irish or not) if you have a nice personality. Though the accent will give you an advantage :)

Answer #2

of course they will like u! i mean why wouldnt they just cause ur irish doesnt mean anything about ur personality. haha

Answer #3

Oh yes, it will.

Answer #4

does our accent really make much of a difference?

Answer #5

It will make you stand out. Trust me, it’s a good thing.

Answer #6

Oh man, women love any foreign guy… Espically Irish.. Yu are soooo luck to be Irish and a man… God loves yu sooo much lol. Js go out and pick a girl, they’ll fall in love with yu so fast lol

Answer #7

ha ha maybe i should get you to hook me up!!lol

Answer #8

Yeah, there are a bunch of girls that love guys like that. Girls have different tastes for guys, so don’t expect every girl you talk to, to like you, but you’ll find the one.

Answer #9

I love the Irish accent so much. Swoons

Answer #10

lol just look at Bruce Willis. Man, even id go fro him :D

Answer #11


Answer #12

um if you have the whole accent thing then hell yes we love you!!!! red/blonde hair and blue eyes are what we keep an eye out for doesnt have to be those exact colors– but if you are funny and are nice to everyone around you except for the occasoinal donkey at every party– than yes the chicks will dig you bro. btw i am a girl just sayin

Answer #13

isnt everyone like this??

Answer #14

pretty much yeah:)

Answer #15

any advice on where to go work wise? :)

Answer #16

Lol js give me a pic and I’ll see what I can do lol ;)

Answer #17

like where to go to work to get the ladies?

Answer #18

sorry i didnt realise u were 14!! :)

Answer #19

well she wont fall in love for u man more lust than love. doesnt hurt if u have a lil muscle either. psh american ladies, depends on where you look if u want ladies and not just lust and action

Answer #20

oh yea! heck my boyfriend is irish. you could probably get any girl. irish guys are HOT!!!!!!!!

Answer #21

@ annie - like this lol :)

Answer #22

awwwww lol :)

Answer #23

Most Americans swoon over someone with a British, Irish, or Australian accent. The only potential downside if it is a stereotypical Irish person with bright red hair and pasty white skin. That’s a turnoff for most people I know, men and women. Of course, I know that even though that is the American stereotype of the Irish, is mostly is not the case in reality.

Answer #24

I love irish guys… So HOT!!

Answer #25

Girls love guys with accents :)

Answer #26

Women like any guy with good looks & money.

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