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How long till I should test negative?

Clean for nearly 7 months and then smoked for two weeks over thanksgiving with a 3 day break in the middle. How could I pass a test for probabtion? I an around 190 lbs, I have a lot of muscle mass, I have been consuming a ton of water, takings vitamins...


How can I lose 100lbs in a year?

How can I loose 100 pounds in a year (seriously, i'd weigh 119 if I lost 100 pounds)? Because I hate being as fat as I am, everyone is so much smaller than me. I have tried not eating but my dad is starting to get mad and bought me Mcdonalds the other ...


What can I do to fix this awful depression?

Ever since I started Jr. High School, I've been picked on, bullied, food thrown at, teased about clothing and about face. It continued even during High School.

When I was little, my mom would hit me and yell at me. She continues to do that even today...


The doctors are stumped! Any suggestions?

I was a healthy 27 year old female until 2 months ago when I got three sessions of sclerotherapy injections (around 50-60 injections) per session. It could just be a coincidence, but I was healthy before this. I do have polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyp...


Are there any diets that actually work?

My Weight has been an issue since I was 6,when My dad died,and my mom looked to food for stress relief.Because she did this,we had more and more plentiful meals,and im afraid that now im at 190 pounds,and im only 5'3.I get made fun of once in a while,a...


Is she pregnant and does it matter when a pregnancy test is taken?

Ok I found out today that my friend thinks she might be pregnant. Her boyfriend isnt bothering to buy her a pregnancy test as he is "worried about his gcses" so I told her that I would help. She says that she is two and a half weeks late and that she i...


not wearing a bra..

Im 13. im inbetween 38A and 34B (which is really annoying bc neither of them fit good. but their the closest fit.) I wear a bra everyday. I wore a shirt with a low back to school so I culdnt wear a bra. so everyone in gym class started freaking out. ev...


What does Alcohol do when combined with Klonopin and Celexa?

I realize that its inadvisable to drink while you're taking anxiety drugs but what could it actually do to me?

I just got prescribed to Klonopin, Ativan and Celexa after buying $250 wine for the Thanksgiving party that I'm hosting . I don't want to ...


Should I take an HPT (need opinions)?

Well first off I had tubal ligation back in 2007 after having two kids. But my last cycle started on the 11th of last month. I did a monthly cycle calculator and it said I should have started on or around the 12th of this month and end on or around the...


What did I do to my shoulder?

I had on an oversized tshirt with big sleeves, so i was going to like move my arm to keep the sleeve up (kinda like shrug it up i guess lol)
anyway, it sounded like a branch snapping, it hurt incredibly bad in the back of the shoulder, and felt like s...


How to deal with getting shots?

I have to get a um..some kind of Shot that Girls are required to get-meningitist. :( I am so freaked about it, and I keep crying. My mom told me I could get it on my butt instead of th muscle in my arm, because my arm's very sensitive. Would it hurt mo...


How can I make my belly infection heal?

I have had my belly pierced for over 6months now and I know it can take up to 6months to a year for it to heal but my belly had constanly been red ever since I got it done. I am a swimmer though and train in chlorine pracically everyday so it is always...


Just got my lip piierced and I need help!!!

I piereced my lip with a earing.. and it dint hurt at all but a few minutes later it swelled up and then today I went to buy the proper earing and put it on and omg it got bigger.. I been reading a lot of advices from people and it says its normal. and...


Could I get my breasts reduced for free?

I am 5'4 Tall a little plump but my breasts are massive, my mum has a huge chest to and I think it's in the jeans, I suffer bad sholder pain and my neck get very stiff, I have to buy bigger tops just so my big mammas can fit into it. My Husband thinks ...

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Can a pinched nerve in neck create numbness in hands?

I had all the tests last year- for carpal tunnel syndrome, they came back that I had a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome- I recieved injections, which lessened the numbness- but the pain remained. I then had an mri which came back no damage present. ...


Pregnancy test accuracy while on period?

ok I asked this question before but I have too ask again because I want your guys opinion... look I took the pregancy test and I am on my period... no blood got on the dipstick only pee and test showed negitve so im not pregant... I called first respo...


Odor in my vagina

I went to the doctor 2 1/2 years ago .the person I was with said I gave him I went the doctor said neg. But I do have something, I argued with the doctor that I had something but he said no. Could it be because before I went for the appt. I p...


Why im always smelling at school?If I take showers before going?

Why im always smelling at school if I take showers everyday before going, I put deodorant, I wash my whole body I take like an hour, put lotion, I even buy different perfumes to avoid smelling, I wash my clothes every weekend hate putting dirty clothes...


Blood Tests?

I got a blood test two days ago. I don't like blood tests and I haven't gotten one in a while. I know that the average human has 5 liters of blood in them. How much blood does a normal blood test extract from a person? How long does it take for the...


Anorexic or not anorexic

Ok so I am 5'1 and recently lost 10 kg in about three weeks and now weigh 47kg. I get told I am fat all the time by my dad and people from my grade. And so I stoped eating breakfast then lunch and now I dont eat anything all day till dinner. Am startin...


Where can I get protein?

I'm 14, and have been a vegetarian for about a year and a half. I know that when not eating meat you can get proteins from beans and pills, but my mom only makes red and white beans and I can't stand those because she makes them too soft and it gives ...


THC Crystallization?

I recently submitted a question asking if my weed was possibly laced. After talking to my dealer, he said that it wasn't laced, (I believe him, considering that the price on this wasn't THAT much higher than what I used to buy, and I've known the guy ...


I drink and cannot get drunk too. Is there an enzyme missing?

I found this website by typing in the same question. I drink all kinds of alcohol and cannot get drunk. When I turned 18 and was legally old enough to drink, my older brother and his friends took me to a bar to make me drunk. They came home throwing up...


Itchy vagnia creamy discharge?

Have had my first period in febuary and havent had one since =[ im a virgin and I think I have a yeast infection I think I have had it for about a year itchy and smelly vajayjay and I have a white discharge I took medicine for it though I used a o...


I'm struggling to become!

I'm a sophmore and I'm not obease but I would like to get in shape and become healthier. My friends are all gymnasts and volleyball players and they are in great shape and I want to be able to do things that can physically challenging and everything. I...


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