Why is it that I can never fall asleep on Sunday nights?

Answer #1

You want to hang on to the last day of freedom before your alarm clock buzzes to life and reminds you that you’re nowhere near free and have to comply with society while inside you are wanting to blossom into a beautiful flower of anarchy? :)

Yeah I carried on, I do that sometimes.

Answer #2

No but I want to fall asleep so I’m not tired in the morning but I just can’t. It makes me really upset and frustrated.

Answer #3

I got nothing :( I can’t give you advice on how to go to sleep, unless you’re willing to try direct lamp in your face kind of thing ‘cause that’s what works for me :/ But, what works for a lot of people is to listen to a piano or another instrument of the like.

Answer #4

Probably because you slept in late Sunday morning.

Answer #5

Maybe the anticipation/anxiety of Monday and a new week starting….or upcoming deadline….

Answer #6

Maybe it’s because you’re thinking of the week ahead? I used to struggle going to sleep on Sunday nights because that’s when I did a lot of my thinking.

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