What can a 15 year old girl do to make her breasts grow?

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Nothing. You're not even done growing yet.

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It will happen naturally...give it time....

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Have a little patience - you have not finished growing just yet.

However, padded and push-up bras are a good idea. :)

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Theres alot of guys from what ive found that seem to like smaller boobs. Of course, there are the ones who like big boobs but not as many as u think, so unless u already have a guy an thats what he likes, relax. Parade those little pancakes around like ur loaded, cuz confidence is what will get the guys.

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Geez what's the hurry? Give it time and it'll grow. Besides, when you have small boobs give you the ability to bind em' in extreme situations.

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Bake...make bread....is the old English wives tale....Years ago Bakers wifes were known to have big breasts because of kneading the doe for the bread making.

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even tho...there is nothing wrong with small breasts...some guys like em,some dont.....different strokes for different folks...Please do not think all guys like em big coz a few mates agree with me that small is good.

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umm well if you have chickhen breast like try to exercise that area and it will increase yr other choice is to leave it let it grow natrually

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