What do you smoke in a bong?

Answer #1

Weed! Sweet, stinky weed…

Answer #2

you may aswell ask…What future evidence do you want to give any possible prosocution to any possible court case against you for illegal d-rug use…or worse an employer looking for history about ya on line…Somethings are best kept to ones self until the crazy unfair unreasonable unjust laws regarding personal use of d-rugs is changed.

Answer #3

…..I just wanted to know. It’s not like I own one. I was watching the Bad Girl’s Club and I saw Jessie Smoking one. So I was just wondering what was in it. o.O Gosh

Answer #4

O….Usually it is wee-d but it can be any dr-ug really other than L.S-D….Cra-ck is a common pipe bong thing….the water in a bong cools the smoke and can take some crap out of it i think ,in case you didnt know.

Answer #5

Ohhhhh,I thought you put tea leaves in, guess I was wrong

Answer #6


Answer #7

Tea leaves? well no sorry, it’ basically any recreational dr,ug (usually illegal). The most often used on bongs is cannabis or as you may know it mariju,ana and weed.

Answer #8

Haha come on?? You had to have known what was in there… other than tea leaves lol.

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