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What could this weird illness be?

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Hey, I am very young yet I am experiencing severe joint pain as well as whole body pain. It is very hard to swallow and I find that my head hurts, particularly when I lift it. One of the strangest symptoms as if they are not all strange is shaking and feeling like I have hypothermia even in a room about 90 degrees with a blanket and computer on me. I even got sunburned. My toe was slammed into concrete and got a blood blister but I cleaned it. I am just so confused. This may pass on it's own but the joint pain prevents me from opening things, turning, lifting or really moving and the headaches ect make me feel dizzing and like I am going to puke. I know that an online diagnosis is impossible but I am just wondering, has anyone else had these symptoms or simalar ones? I am looking for some hints.