How long does it take for birth control to become effective after switching brands?

I recently switched my bc because I was bleeding a whole week before my period started. I was taking ortho-tri cyclin for 3 months and this Sunday I'm starting my 4th pack. The 4th pack is the new brand. I know it takes about 3 months for bc to become effective but now I'm not sure since I'm switching if I have to wait another 3 months or is it automatically effective since I never missed a day since I started?

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it should only take about a week, when i take mine after my period it takes a week to become effective again.

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(Ignore the first part if they wish, I'm only tracking my thoughts aha)
I assume you're talking about the pill; when one first starts the pill tnhey only only protected after taking 7 pills (one each day obviously) and then they are protected against pregnancy. The course of pill ends at the 21st pill in which then a 7 day break is taken and then the cycle begins again.

It seems to me that the brand of pill wouldn't matter, only the type as brands are just different brands product the same product. If it's the same pill that has the same dosage needs then just continue your cycle as normal, taking the pills and having the breaks. However, if you want to be sure take them for 7 days before becoming active without extra protection and then you can be sure, or have a chat with your doctor to double check.

(I hope you were talking about the pill, otherwise I sounds stupid xP)

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If you switched straight from the other one to the new one without missing any the effectiveness won't change. This is because they both have the same ingredients so the birth control part is still effective. If you missed a pill however, it will take seven days until you're covered again.

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i learned it doesnt matter, but it should be about a mounth after you finish puberty, you wuold have a baby.

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About a month after you finish puberty you have a baby? At 16 years old, you should at least have the *basic* science of reproduction figured out, knowing that it takes 9 months for a baby to grow before being born. How old are you really ... 9? 10? ... ?

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Makes sense to me! Ha, and yes I was :)

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