Do doctors know more about medicine than nutrition?

Answer #1

They should know the basics since biology and body functions is part of a normal curriculum in the medicine field. I wouldn’t rely on them much for nutrition. But yes a professional doctor should know more about medicine than nutrition, at least I hope they would.

Answer #2

Yes, unless their speciality IS Nutrition…..but all are somewhat trained in that area also…….

Answer #3

Doctors know bits about everything…But coz there is so much to know that gets updated all the time…you get specalists that specialise in certain things…Thats why when a doc dont know he/she sends you to a specialist.

Answer #4

Well, doctors went to school to study the human body and to help people will ailments of the body to get well. Nutritionists are the head-honchos of nutrition, however. Doctors do know about nutrition, because they know how body parts and organs unction when put under certain circumstances, (i.e., eating certain foods,) so they would know a considerable amount about nutrition, but nutritionists only cover nutrition. Doctors do both!

Answer #5

I was told by a doctor once that Doctors on average study nutrition for 30min while working towards their degree. If you want to learn about nutrition go to a nutritionist, don’t trust your dr.

Answer #6

Ya most of these people got it. A family doctor would know more about medicine than nutrition but they would have the basic knowledge about nutrition. A nutritionist specializes in nutrition, they are the ones who really know what they’re talking about in that feild

Answer #7

It would be normal for them to know more about medicine than about nutrition. Otherwise there would be no nutritionists, but only doctors :P It’s obvious that doctors too know lots of things about proper diets, but for the most accurate advice you should consult with someone who bases his entire career on such knowledge. And you can also take advantage of all the sources you find, like this one that I found very useful:

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