What can i do to keep myself from binging?

I feel like eating everything in our house right now. :(

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Gum. If you dont have any, drink a lot of milk. It fills you up.

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Thank you o-o

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Do something to distract you; like watch a movie, take a nap, talk on the phone.. cause trust me, I feel the same right now.. =/

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I will eat if I watch a movie XD

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Oh, sorry then.

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I know how you feel, usually late at night I get super hungry. First off you can drink a lot of water. Second thing I found that works good is doing some ab work outs or going for a jog, something about working out makes me less hungry. If you are going to eat something eat a tomato, there great, low in calories (60c) and they fill me and my mom up very fast we have found out.

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I tend to over eat. I feel like I'm always on a binge. Chew gum. It gives you a flavor in your mouth and something to chew on. Also, eat ice chips. They keep you occupied. Drinking water will fill you up. It's good to keep yourself occupied. Try doing something that you have to use your head. Video games always help me. I also go for a jog. You could take a nap too although you don't have to think.

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