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How to survive a breakup

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How much do laxatives cost?

hey everyone
how are you all doing?
anyway im just wonder how much is laxative because I wanna buy some

anywayz hope you all doing fine
later mwa mwa


birthcontrol 411

can someone please tell me where I can buy birthcontrol pills at, and do I need a prescription? also around how much do they cost and how long do they last?


Where can I find glow in the dark condoms?!

Lol XD they definitely don't sell them at the pharmacy, and I really really want them O: do I have to buy them online or something?


How do I know what size condom fits me?

How do I know what size condom fits me?.. with out going to buy about 5 1/2 inches in length and about 11 cm around..

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How to rid myself of allergies? I can't breathe hardly because of them!

Hi, I am only fifteen, and we have NO allergy medicine in the house that isn't expired. My mom told me to just deal with it, because we don't have money to go buy more, but she has money to go buy an x-box for my little sister. THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I a...


Painful mouth ?

I survived my root canal

I had it done in friday on one of my front teeth but my gum is really painful.
Is this just where they injected the numbing?
Is this normal?


What flushes system in little as possible time?

Does 2 tbls of baking soda in 8oz glass of water really flush your system?
That I dont have to buy product>


Where's my period

I start my period every month 0n the 11. Its on schedule every month so I get prepared and buy the things I need. this month I got prepared but there is no period. And today is the 24. What could this be?


Men Contraceptives

So apparently the medical community is currently testing a twice monthly injection that will keep men from creating any sperm...there by keeping their partners from conceiving.

Women: Is this something you would consider in your household if it bec...


Big and little

Why is one of my breast bigger then the other, it really bothers me when I go to buy a bra I cant ever find one that fits both breast am I normal or is this totally messed up??

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How to stop stammering/stuttering?

Because of that,I have problems in my everyday life...such as buying food,telling cab drivers where to go..can anybody help me besides seeing a therapist...thanks


How can I pass a UA that is in less than 24 hours?

I really need to pass a ua within like under 24 hours. I live in a small town so there is no way to buy a drink or pills. Is there anything I can do?


What are some machines that help back pain?

My boyfriend has degeneration and spinal misalignment or something and I wanted to buy him something to help, I saw the back2life on the TV and I want that but I'm trying to see what else is there.


Do you need a prescription for diet pills?

hey i was wondering.. do u need a prescription for diet pills.. i really want to loose weight and i was wondering how diet pills work and if i could just buy them like them... please help me out


i want wholesale cotton saris and salwar kameez for cool summer

For the upcoming summer i want to buy cotton sarees and salwar kameez.which online stores are offering the best prices for sarees and salwars on summer wear


Periods are so annoying?

What's with periods? They areee sooo annoying lol anyone else think so? I mean it's so hard to know exactly when they're gunna start and you need to buy the stuff.


How can I make it smell better down there?

I need a lil help..

pretty much forever.. haha down there hasnt smelt the greatest..

is there anyway I could fix that? something I could buy that will make it smell better?


Am I just not paying attention or could something be wrong?

Today when I was driving to best buy
I freaked out because I thought I didnt have my car keys
And again,
I was already driving

Am I just not paying attention or could something be wrong?
Cause I have a lot of moments like that.


How do you quit Hydromorph cold turkey?

I got cut off of methadone. So i need some help as to how im supposed to go about quitting. Ive been injecting 16mg about 5-8 times a day.


What is worse: Acne or periods?

OK so i'm on the contraceptive injection and it stops my periods but it makes my spots worse, I'm already taking pills for spots and i still get quite allot, They leave red marks for months/years too well quite allot of mine have!
So Which is worse ha...


Why are people so scared of needles?

Ok, this might seem like a stupid question, but I am truly curious why some people are terrified of needles. I mean I don't like them, but I certainly don't recoil when I have to get an injection. So does anyone know and if you are scared of needles wh...


Fast working flu remedies

Ok I've got realy bad flu and I've got to go sumwhere realy imp on fri.
What can I buy that wil get me over the flu quick???what wrks for you?
Tanx xxx

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Do they still have the shrimp in small jars with sauce?

I remember eating this as a kid. They were super mini shrimp inside a jar of red sauce, like cocktail sauce but a little differant. Do they still make these? I remember my Momma buying them from the grocery store.


Why am I constantly bleeding?

I was on the depo injection for 9months, the first 6months were fine, but on the last 3 months, I bled constantly. I came off it and went on the pill however I am still bleeding. This has been going on for about a year now. Please help?


What can i do if my dental crown fell off?

I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.