What to do about stains caused by flouride on my teeth?

I don't have yellow teeth but I have these ugly dark stain on my teeth. I don't give a $hit because I never minded about them but I'm beginning to think people don't get near me because they think my teeth have cavities when actually I never had a cavity! I never gone to the dentist in my life until two years ago and when I did the guy said my teeth where purrfect(healthy) but seriously, what can I do about it? If I didn't have stain I would blind you with my teeth from whiteness

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well if ur brushing and flossing everyday nothing should be wrong. my dentist told me that sometimes the rinse will leave colored spots on ur teeth but u shouldnt worry cuz they will come off when u brush later on...but maybe u should try going to a dient dentist cuz maybe the one u went to didnt check ur teeth right.

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also it can be plague r tar (im not sure how to spell it) r u can be developing a cavity cuz they start off by little stains.

What causes ulsers?

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In order for the stains to be caused by flouride, the flouride would have to be a very high concentation - way higher than any toothpaste or rinse would have and if your local water system is adding too much, it would be a city wide problem and this has happened before, but it is very rare. I'd say go back to the dentist for a proffessional answer to your problem.

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