What happens when you pick a scab?

Answer #1

It’ll allow germs to get in easier and it will also leave a scar behind.

Answer #2

It falls off L0L. Nah, its just like re-opening the cut so that nasty things can get in and could cause several affects.. But if you have hairy legs? I wouldn’t do it; the pain is unreal ! But in the end it will form again if the cut bleeds, because all a scab is, is dry blood.. C:

Answer #3

Scabs put a lid on your cuts and scrapes, keeping blood in and nasty bacteria out. Because scabs are like temporary plasters that cover your cuts until the skin has a chance to grow back underneath. They fall off on their own when the repairs are complete. Pick them off any sooner, and you risk opening up the wound again. At best, this will mean you just form another scab, so the wound takes longer to heal than it would have. But the second scab may be even bigger than the first, and is more likely to leave a permanent scar on your skin when it finally comes off.

At worst, the wound could become infected, and lead to much bigger problems.

Answer #4

Oh all these people are drama queens, I picked scabs all the time and didn’t get any scars or infections from it. More than likely it will just keep scabbing over until the skin underneath is almost fully healed.

Answer #5

I’ve picked scabs before and NONE turned to scars. And i’ve picked alot of scabs. Never got infected either. Some people are just different. Do what you want, girl (:

Answer #6

A scab forms as a protective barrier for healing skin. If the skin under the scab has healed, then nothing should happen. If the skin has not healed, you will start bleeding and then there is a possibility of infection if the wound is not kept clean. More skin care info at:


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