Why is my left foot hurting much more than my right foot?

I've been doing zumba and such, and for months my left foot has been a bother, it'll be tingly/numb in a few spots that will slowly fade away. It's odd because I get a Charlie horse here and there in my right foot, not always but usually I do, but working out a lot I'm breaking in my new shoes and my left foot is a tad smaller in width/length and it just hurts after an hour session of choreography.
Not just that, but my toes ache whenever I bend them to kneel down for a moment, or when stretching...so, should I take off pressure/weight and let my foot rest for a week or so?
Not sure what to do.

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ok so i saw some zumba moves and i can see where this is leading....
seems you may have somehow compromised the nerves running through your foot, if all your toes hurt that may very well mean the problem is at the ankle (bending down will stretch your deep peroneal nerve, medial and intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerves)
You will have to stop for a few days, and when you restart your workout take a break every time you feel your foot becoming numb.
also, if the numbness and pain continue up the leg or are centered around the knee and pelvic area you may need to see a specialist (could be a herniated disc, early symptoms are mild and pain can begin anywhere)

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