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How to survive a breakup

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Does weed (marijuana) make you twitch and what are the harmful effects?

Can anyone tell me all the harmfull effects of marijuana? Not just that it kills brain cells, but some hard evidence. Thnx


Can you get rabies without getting bitten?

I went on holiday recently to Crete, and a little dog followed me and my partner along the beach. I stroked it but I didn't get bitten or see any saliva coming from its mouth, could I have got rabies if I wasn't bitten?


Why aren't my nipples sensitive anymore?

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. We use a lot of foreplay to get in the mood, including him sucking my nipples but after 3 years of doing it say 3 times a week, they aren't as sensitive anymore. I can hardly feel it! Is this because my ni...

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What age do guys normally have their growth spurts?

What age do guys normally have their growth spurts??


Is your hymen visible?

can you like see it yourself?


What if your period blood is brown?

Ok like what if its your 5 day into your period and your not seeing red blood anymore its like brown now. Is that bad or is it normal??


How to prevent ants from entering my ears?

Well, there are ants on the wall beside my bed. I pull my bed away from that wall and sleep. But still, the ants fly for the air and bite me. I am scared they would enter my ears. tell me some way to avoid any ants from entering my ears., thanks.


at age 18 are you still going through puberty?

at age 18 are you still going through puberty?


Why do I like being sad?

ok well im 12 years old and this might sound weird but I like making myself sad all the time. I make myself cry, I always thing of sad thing to make me feel bad. I dont know why I do this. Is there something wrong with me? :(


Why do they put extra chemicals in cigarettes?

have you ever wondered why they put so many chemicals in cigaretts even tho its the nicotine your addicted to? like seriously why couldnt they just grow nicotine plants and put that is smokes why do people want to make you get canser and sh*t its stupi...


How to refresh or restore AOL favorite places?

can you tell me how to refresh my favourite places on aol or get them back


Why do girls get discharge and is it normal?

Why do us girls get discharge? And is it normal to get it everyday?

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How Soon Can I Tell If Im Pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 years now and about a week a go we have been trying to make a baby... I been feeling wierd and stuff but I dont know if its just me or if am really pregant.. but im not sure if its to early to know we...


How to stop the urges to start smoking?

OK SO ALL MY LIFE I've KNOWN THAT SMOKING KIIS PEOPLE. but my dads been smoking for more than half of his life. did he die? nope.
I really doont know why but im having strong urges to sneak in my dads room and grab one of them and go out and ssmoke. ...


How can gas from an oven kill you?

I wanted to ask the question because in my house my aunt made some cake in the oven who was staying over forgot to check if the gas part of the oven was off but she from the time she left which was 12:30 to 4:00 the gas was leaking my mom smell...


is it normal to act this way when your high off weed?

when youre high and boozed-up, is it normal to act like you hate someone, whom you love?
or if its not, then would ir be normal to say that you hate the person because you cant control your mouth but you want the person to think you love them


Whats the average foot size

For a 15 year old(male)what is the average foot size

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Anger Fits?

I want to ask somthing recently I have been having phases in a day where im fine then I start shaking with livid anger, and I dont know why. the feelings I get are so surreal I usualy feel like a different person and I cant stop crying or shaking and i...


How to fix dry and cracked nipples?

No.Im NOT Pregnant.
But My Nipples are Dry and Cracked,like Dry Skin.
What can I do to Fix it?

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How come I cant go number 2?!?

Ok so I been having this problem for about 2-3 months and I dont go to the gi dr til the 18th,and im in pain because I cant have bm. Yesterday I had diarrhea all day and today I couldnt go at all I have the urge like its ready but nothing. And yesterda...


lip ring swelling

Hey! So I got my lip pierced a year ago and it healed just fine. A little swelling that went down in a week or 2. So 5 weeks ago I decided to get the other side pierced. I took good care of it and everything but its still swollen. The only time it actu...


How long does it take to kill yourself with Carbon Monoxide?

I'm not going to kill myself so don't freak out.
I'm just wondering how long it would take to die if you tried to kill yourself by leaving the car running in the garage? like how many hours, I just saw it on tv, and I'm just wondering.
no worries =]


Why do my eyes burn whenever I take a shower...(please read description)?

Whenever I take a shower, my eyes start burning. I have to close my eyes really tightly because it burns so bad. Why does this happen? Please don't say anything like "you got soap or shampoo in your eyes?" Or anything. It starts burning BEFORE I start ...


Do cigarettes make you gain weight?

Ok I smoke and I was just wondering if anyone knows if you gaine weight from it??


Y does my stomach hurt?

I have like a pressuer comming from the middle of my stomach. When I put jeans on it got worse but now it doesnt hurt so much. Why does it hurt


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