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How to survive a breakup

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how to stop feeling hungry all the time ???

I eat very well now , and I dont skip any meal , but I still feel hungry all the time , I have tried every thing but nothing worked and my father wont let me get any pills , what should I do ?


Could I be 10 weeks and still get a negitive?

My last real (as in same bleeding amount as usuall) was the last week in June... I have been feeling sick to my stomach and craving wierd things and breast tenderness and having to go pee all the time since then. So I would wait a few days and take a p...


is it possible to get pubic lice if your crotch is shaved?

Well Is IT???
Tell Me

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help me be able to sleep again!

okay.. well I started this habit of staying up all night... adn then sleeping all day...
and last night.. I really needed to get to bed early but I couldnt sleep! I layed down around 12 adn then got back up around 2 because I couldnt sleep... I took a...

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Why do I feel scared all the time?

hey, have you ever had that feeling where you sit there, and feel insecure about something but you rnt sure what it is? if so, why do I feel that way?


Is it safe to water fast while on stimulants?

I just started taking Vyvanse, the new Adderall, for ADD. I also take Cymbalta. One day ago I began water fasting for spiritual clarity, weight loss, etc. Is it safe to do a water fast while taking a stimulant and an SNRI?


Why do some girls vagina smell bad?

Why do some girls vagina smell really bad like fish?

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How bad is it to cut yourself and put ink in it?

me and my friends do it all the time im just womdering what damages we are doing


Does Your Boobs Get Bigger When You Have Your Period?

When I get my period it always feels and looks like my boobs get bigger but when my period goes away they get back to their norma size
does this happen to u?


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Why does the lower back (right side near hip) hurts?

1) The pain comes and goes. It's a shocking sensation
2) Sometimes, the pain goes down to my right leg.
3) Recently, while I was sitting down, I heard my back snap. And my spine has been hurting ever since. (but, not that bad)
4) I went to the docto...


How can I fix my acne if even Proactive won't help?

well I am a senior now in highschool, I am one of the only people left...with ACNE...its not overwhelming, but its bad enough I DO stick out every other day or so when my face breaks out really bad. I am embarassed and totally self consious about it. I...


How would my height be accepted in America?

Hey there, Im 16 and from Singapore. Im 5 foot 6, which is pretty short for a male in my country but not so short that people in my country would look at me like Im some sort of monster. But I was just wondering how far I would be ridiculed for my size...


How old does my sister need to be to get braces?

shes 9 but her teeth are corroded

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Is smoking paper bad for you?

Is smoking PAPER really bad for you?


pregnant body

My aunt said that for each time you give birth to a baby you would lose your figure.
is it true ?
what would happen to your body than ?
Is 3 to much ?


Depression pills

Okay so recently my mom found a suicide note that I had written, and she totally freaked out, and now I go to a psychologist every week. Well she strongly reccomended that I go on pills because she diagnosed me with depression and honestly, I'm kind of...


Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy.
What is it and at what age is it contracted?


How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


How can I stop my vagina from smelling so bad?

im 15 years old and my vagina smells like fish and its really strong even when im on the bus I can smell it morning and afternoon. I wash take a shower everyday and sometimes a bath once in a while but it does not seem to help and when im in class I ca...


could i possibly get a breast reduction at 15?

im 13 with a 36DDD bra size and my back hurts all the time and they are still growing


Im pregnant and my boyfriend wont work! Help

Well I met my current boyfriend in january and fell in love...of course. he seemed like the perfect man, totally different than my ex-boyfriend who cheated on my with four different girls and got one of them pregnant then ended the relationship by cra...


What is the best way to prevent E. coli?

What is the best way to prevent E. coli?


What is this pain I'm having?

I have this weird pain in my chest on the left side. its just above my left boob when I breath in.


Are you for or against the production of cigarettes?

can you tell me if you are ANTI OR PRO on the production and use of cigarette...

then can you tell my WHY? why are you ANTI or PRO on this topic?.. THANKYOU


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