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Blisters on the lips

Most often when the weather changes, when I smoke a cigarette too far down to the filter or when I get sick I develop blisters on my lips. The doctor has never said anything about what can be done other then chapstick, however atm I have 2 right next t...


Feeling sick or that pain

I'm not sure what it is but when I looked at my ex's photo on here in the questions area,a bit of pain came back but then as soon as I go back to my Fun Mail,I feel both a little sick and in pain. What's up with this?


Red and sore vagina, what is it from?

ok, so I had really irregular periods, and I didnt have one for 3 months. so the doctor told me to take some hormone balancing capsules, which I did, and I ended up having like 3 all in one month, so I was on my period for around 3 weeks. I've been off...


When do you usually bleed during pregnancy?

I am not sure how many times you are suppose to bleed during pregnancy. I know some women bleed at the beginning. I might have had two periods, but I guess I could mistake them for bleeding. I dont think I am pregnant, but it is possible.


Why do guys like cumming on a girl's face?

My boyfriend does it to me and i actually dont mind it, it's even kinda fun. But i just want to know what goes on in a guys mind and why it turns them on.

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Why do I feel like throwing up all the time?

I have a weird stomach problem, it feel like I'm going to thow up ALL THE TIME!!! and I cant every time I try! any explanations?


How do I help an anorexic friend?

My friend has been losing weight fast. and at lunch I see that she dosent eat anything, also when she comes over. She just drinks water. I went to her house and I was grabbing a shirt out of her closet and saw a paper that said my diet and had all the ...


Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn't have one at all. I've taken two test which both came up negative. So if I'm not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?


How to quickly heal pulled muscles?

I have pulld or torn muslces in my inner thigh from dance, but i cant stop dancing due to pratice and tryouts...anyway to heal them fast??


What is a quick way to get rid of a UTI?

So far this year (since January 2012) I've had 2 UTI's. Im starting to get one again & I'm getting fed up with it. The pain is so unbearable, I could keel over & cry. They last 5 days on average. I've tried cranberry juice, drank lots of water & took a...


Why haven't I hit puberty when I'm 18?

I am 18, and still haven't hit puberty. Is there something wrong with me?


Can you get pregnant by non-ejaculation?

Can you get pregnant if the guy doesn't ejaculate inside of you?

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Chances of getting pregnant if he pulls out but cums on vulva?

What are the chances of getting pregnant if he pulls out but still cums on your vulva???

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Will they let me get my tubes tied?

Hi, I am 23 and I have a three year old daughter and I just wanted to know would they still tie my tubes or am I too young???

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Is my short period a sign of pregnancy?

I had a period about 2 1/2 days long, then about 4 days later I had a light pinkish bleeding that lasted about a day... can this be a sign of pregnancy???


Why am I so small?

I'm 15 years old and I'm really short, and not to mention flat chested. Other than that I'm basically a normal teen. I dont really care about the boobs. It the fact that people are constantly mistaking me for a 12 year old. Can someone explain why. And...


Am I still ovulating?

I don't get my period. Am I still ovulating?


how do you know of you bout to start your period?

how do you know of you bout to start your period?


I have a wierd bump

I have a wierd bump kind of on my butt cheek but pretty much in my crack close my my lady parts. its kind of embarrassing but I really wanna no what it is. its perfectly round and skin colored it doesnt hurt but it wont go away. I just went to the obg...


What are these bumps on my vigina?

I'm pregnant and I have these small mole like bumps on my vigina.When I informed my doctor about them she just said (without looking at it) that I have a yeast infection and told me to use this seven day cream.Well I'm done with the cream,but the bumps...


glow sticks!!

is taking the liquid from a glow stick and pouring about 18 sticks into a container and putting in on my skin and stuff dangerous??


pus filled bumps after shaving down there. what do I do

after I shave I get them on the surface of my vag. im 14 I dont know what to do.

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