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Why do I swear while sleeping?

I used to swear whilst I slept a couple if years back and after a while it stopped. Recently it's started again, it's not only me swearing but I wake up bolt upright, heart pounding, and sweating. I'm not waking up from a dream, because I dream very ra...


Does pickle juice get weed out of your system?

does pickle juice get weed out of your system


Why do I drool randomly?

I never used to drool like this...
When im just out of it or thinking deeply I drool. But then when I say stuff I end up spitting on the person I talk to its sooo embarassing. Also when im out of it and im thinking of a hot guy or someone I seriously ...

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Why does my body get ice cold when I get angry?

I never had this problem till I found a text message in my boyfriend's phone of him telling some other girl that he "wanted her." I was in shock, then my body went cold, started shaking and it got worse at mins went past. And ever since that day I shiv...


Caffeine and spaced out feeling

Every time I drink coffee I seem to get tired and feel like I am high I cant think straight and feel kind of spaced out why is this?


Hard lump inside neck?

I was just rubbing my neck because its abit achy. As I was rubbing, I felt this small, hard ball thing INSIDE my neck :S What could this be? I'm already going for physiotherapy because I have back and neck problems, but this has never happened before.


I've been going to the bathroom a lot. Why?

I've noticed I've been going to be bathroom a lot to pee, ha. Why is that? I mean I'll go to the bathroom at ten, then go back 10 minutes later. I have to pee now. Pahaha :P


What are the chances of my baby having fetal alcohol syndrome?

I just found out today that I was 8 weeks pregnant but I have been drinking every friday for about 3 months I didnt know I was pregers otherwise I wouldent have drank what are the chances of my baby having fas? Please write thanks


Is there anyway to make my tooth grow in faster?

is there any possible way to make your tooth grow in faster? any ways or tricks? please help


guys have a harder time than girls holding their urine?

Do guys really have a harder time than girls when it comes to holding their urine? I can hold it for at least 8 hours, thanks to school. but I jw


How does a woman become pregnant?

do you get pregnant if the p*nis isn't inserted on the v*gina but it produced some sort of liqiud outside it..? but the v*gina didn't? and how actually does a woman become pregnant?? pls answer//

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is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

is sleeping a lot a sign of being pregnant??

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Why do my eyes burn whenever I take a shower...(please read description)?

Whenever I take a shower, my eyes start burning. I have to close my eyes really tightly because it burns so bad. Why does this happen? Please don't say anything like "you got soap or shampoo in your eyes?" Or anything. It starts burning BEFORE I start ...


People are so brainwashed against marijuana

yes I am a pothead so what?...I can't believe how people talk without knowing...why can we kill a cow and eat it but we cant take a plant and smoke it???...its all just so stupid to me...weed opens your mind people...yes! and it does fuc* your brain a ...


how can I get a bowel movement fast???

I havnt had one in 2 days. my abdomen kind of pertrudes out and I just hate it!!! I need to have one fast, and no I cant go to the store and get anything. what are some at home reliefs? what about saline salution??? I need help, I want to go like tonig...


Can weed cause a false pregnancy test?

Okay so I am 11 days late and I've taken many different home test but all were false. I am not taking birth control or using a condom either. I do smoke weed on a day to day basis. Could that be why all the test are false?


What is this pill?

I found a pill in my sisters car.
I was just wondering what it is.
Its round, pale yellow, and has MP10 printed on one side and its blank on the other.
I doubt its anything bad. I was just wondering.


pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?

does drinking pineapple juice make a girl taste better down there?

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How do I fix bunions?

It's not from shoes. When I was a baby I loved walking around on my toes and my mom thought it was just normal because I loved ballerinas and stuff.. but as I got older I ALWAYS walked on them and It was hard for me to not. Im 13 now and I walk normall...


I am itchy and very very dry after my period has been gone 5 days

I am very very itchy and dry, my period ended 5 days ago I don't know why I am so dry. It itches so bad and I am scared something is wrong


My tongue is still numb from a Novocaine injection?

Thursday morning my dentist injected novacaine to fix a cavity. Most of the numbing went away but the right side of my tongue is still affected. It feels like the side of my tongue is numb or tingling. The feeling is very hard to describe. I could desc...


How to handle having ODD?

I have O.D.D. and I dont know how to get rid of it I have it with the number 3 and it disables me to do a lot of things so it suckes =( I just want to get rid of it its irratating


Why do I get dizzy when I look around? seems like almost every time I stand up and look around I get dizzy for a few sec...mostly when I look to the left or doesnt happen too much while sittin...but I have bad allergies so...what do yall think it it life threating?


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