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Ideal weight for my height and age?

how much do suppose to weight if your 5'1at 14 years old.


Is lifting weights bad for you at a young age?

Is lifting weights bad for you at a young age well im sixteen but im also not very tall does that affect me in any way


How to get a flat tummy after pregnancy?

How do I lose all of the flab and get my tummy back to being flat and toned. I need to find a fast way.


Best diet for my age?

im very overweight im 14 im 5'6 and I weigh 260 pounds so what is the best diet for my age..


Why is my tummy hurting after running?

Lately my tummy just under my belly button has been hurting after running. It kind of feels like period-pain but it's not. :( ?


How do I get rid of unwanted tummy fat, and Make my thighs thinner?

How do I get rid of unwanted tummy fat, and Make my thighs thinner?
What are some excersises I could do that would help me?

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What are the average measurements and height for a woman my age?

I am 37 years old, 5' 6 in, 153lbs and my measurements are chest: 37 in, waist 35 in and hips 41 in. The question is what are the average measurements and height for a woman my age?


How much should I weigh for my age?

I am a 16 year old girl, wondering how much I should weigh if I'm around 5'7".


Am I the right weight for my age?

I'm 13 and I weigh like...hmm lets see? About 80 pounds


How much should I weigh if I am 14 ,girl,and 5 foot 4 inches?

I am a girl.
5foot 4inches.
14 years old.
How much should I weigh?

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Correct weight for age?

I am 20 years old, and 5'3, how much should I weigh? And what should I do to remain that weight, and healthy?


I am 5ft 8.5in. 14 years old how tall will I be at age 20?

My Father is 6'3 and I Just turned 14

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possible for me a 6 foot 3 inches man to lose 55 pounds?

is it possible for me a 6 foot 3 inches man to lose 55 pounds . in three months? I weigh 275 pounds.


Age and weight gain

I'm 6'1" tall and weigh 239 at the age of 68. What should I weigh?
My frame is medium to large.


Am I too fat for my age?

Hello everyone I weigh about 60-65 my height it about 170 and I am 13 am I too fat for my age please help mee


What is the best way to tone your tummy without losing your butt or boobs?

I want to lose my tummy and my muffin top, but nothing else....

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How can I decrease inches as well as body fat?

I have been going to the gym for a couple of months. I am seeing my body fat going down, but my inches are increasing. I want to try to keep the inches down too. What do I do?

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Is my waist to big

Bust - 35 c
Waist - 26
Hips - 35
I'm 5 '2 1/2
What's the average waist size for someone 5 '2

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Until what age does a males height increase?

What is the age at which he height of a male stops growing? what can be done to boost height growth? and also what things can be avoided that affect low growth of height?


How can I get a small waist and thinner face?

how can you get a small waist
how can I get small arms
how can I get a thinner looking non chubby face
how can I get thick thighs
how can I get a stomach like shakiras???

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When im 14 years old, 5ft 8 and 27 inchs around belly is that fat?

I am 14 years old. My height is 5ft 8 and I am 8 stone and 26 inch's around my belly, is that fat?

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Tummy Toning

I have heard really good recomendations of the leg master and was wondering if there is anything similar to this that is great for toning abs???


Am I overweight for my age?

I'm thirteen and weigh 123 ponds! I can barely fit into a 4. My mom doesn't know. What should I do?

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