Is it true that muscle weighs more than fat?

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so far from my understanding from health..yes:(

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It's vert true. Last year i knew a girl and she weighed 90 pounds but was really skinny , but also was very athletic.

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confusingly, and just to contradict, yeah... its just a health fact.... thats why buff guys gain weight and are happy about it... muscle = mass.... mass = weight.... so if your working on your muscles, no worries if u gain a pound after several months... :) its a good thing ;) get stronger to beat off those who need it

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Muscle cells hold more water then fat cells, thus muscle cells weigh more. Water makes up more then 50% of our weight.

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No, it is not true. It is an age-old myth that was said by some unintelligent beings. I'll explain the issue here.

Muscle, is a bunch of fibrous tissues and cells that are very dense and are used by the body to burn much of our fuel, including fat. Fat, is a form of lipids and fatty acids clumped together to give its shape, but is less dense than fat. In terms of volume, muscle is heavier and the body requires less space in the body to accompany new muscle growth.

For example, take a 180lb. (81kg), now add 5 pounds of pure muscle. Those fives pounds will make the man look not so different because muscle needs less space since it's already dense. Now add 5 pounds of fat. Remember, since fat is less dense, it requires more room in the body to accommodate the fat, thus making the man look a little "bulkier" than before.

A pound is a pound is a pound no matter which way you put it. A pound of fat and muscle both weigh a pound, the real difference is the volume of the two substances in the body.

Also, to clarify, muscle /=mass, mass = fat & muscle together. mass /= weight either because mass is the weight of the body no matter what the gravity is, whereas weight is changed due to different gravitational pulls. Basic science class knowledge. :)

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Muscle is somewhat denser than water while fat is slightly less dense. Note that if you put butter, shortening, or oil on water it floats. Both muscle and fat cells are mostly water though so the difference is small.

1 ml of fat weighs 0.9 gm
1 ml of water weights 1.0 gm
1 ml of muscle weighs 1.1 gm

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thanks :)
because in my group of friends we are all very different sizes/shapes but are all really close in weight. The shortest girl is 90lbs and has very little muscle. I am in the middle and am very athletic (have a lot of muscle) but look the same "fat" wise as her but im 110. Another girl is taller than me and has a little muscle but is kinda thicker than us and shes 115. its wierd. i was just wondering if this could be an explanation (if muscle actually weighs more).
thanks :)

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