Is it normal that my right arm is stronger (has more muscle) than my left arm?

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If you were a guy I was about to make a funny statement... but I'm pretty sure your dominant hand/arm is the strongest. My left arm is mine..... but I use my right.... trololol

but seriously....yeah, that just happened : l

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This is normal because we tend to use our dominant arm for more things. Not always true. I had a painful shoulder impingement on my dominant side and after a year of avoiding using it my non-dominant arm became the stronger arm. Once my impingement was repaired I started to use my dominant arm more and it built back up.

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If its ur dominant hand then yes it is normal i am the same way :)

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Yes, that is absolutely normal unless we do physical work or sports workout to strengthen our off-hand.

Try arm wrestling with a left hander who is approximately your equal in physical strength. You do it left-hand, he will win. You do it right-hand, you will win.

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Yup....the more muscle you use or don't the more or less it effects.

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