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Why does my skin feel like its tearing?

Im a cheerleaderand I stretch everyday. I can touch my head to my left leg but when I try to my right the skin on the outside of the crease of my knee stings and feels like its ripping. Why does this happen?


What does a purging anorexic mean ?

Because surely purging means making yourself sick
But anorexic is like
Not eating food the proper way

Im confused and someone asked me what it meant
So yeah
Can someone tell me ?

Thanks to any replys I get


weight average for a 15 year old boy?

what should the average weight for a 15yr old boy?


Why am I gaining weight if I hardly eat?

I am gaining so much weight and I hardly eat so I want to know what is going on and why am I getting so fat


How much should a 15 year old weigh at 5'4"?

ok according to a website someone who is 5"4 is meant to be between 130-135 pounds I am 5"4 and 130 pounds but then another website said that someone who is 15 (my age) should be no heavier than 115 pounds

can someone explain this please???!


im 13 and weight 160 pounds! help!

I want to loose weight so badly!! im 13 years old and I weight 160 pounds! I hate it what should I do!?!

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How much weight can the average 13 year old lift?

How much weight can the average 13 year old girl, and boy, lift?

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Am I overweight at 5'7 and 125 pounds?

I am 5'7'' and I weigh 125 lbs. I have a BMI of 19.5
Am I overweight, because I feel like I should be around 110-115 lbs.

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HOw to get rid of fat?

OK omg! I need to lose weight pronto before spring break! I have cellulite and I have a flat stomach but not that flat..u can c some fatness lol...but im afraid to go in a bikini like this...what can I do to get rid of this fatness without using pills ...

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Eating healthy yet still fat

When I was young up until the age of 9 I ate burgers chips pies etc but I still ate a lot of veg and fruit, when I was about 12 I lost a ton of weight not skinny but healthy, I cut out the chips and pies and had the occasional burger I eat like that no...


How to get a skinnier face?

is the best way to get a skinnier face jsut with cardio? what would be the best thing to loose more weight onyour face rather then your body//


What's the longest time you can go on a water fasting diet?

Whats the longest time you can go on a water fasting diet?


How do I become anorexic FAST?

hey, im quite a big girl and have been all my life.
lately I've been told that I am big and its really depressing me.
how can I become anorexic/bolemic??? and fast??
Danni xx


How to get rid of cellulite and a tight stomach?

I have celluite on my thighs and a little stomach how do I get it flat within 4wks

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Where can I get a personal trainer?

And how much do you have to pay them? I'm in need of help with exercise, and I really need to lose weight. I also need help with anything else with dieting. And how can I get my parents to let me have one.


How many lunges I should do a day to tone my legs?

Does anyone know how many lunges I should do a day to tone my legs and thighs??3 sets of ten or more...How many days till the pain goes away??Help my fat a** please...


15 and 130 pounds

Is being 130 pounds at 15 good because I think I need to get rid of atleast 10 pounds...and how can I?

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Is it good that I feel so tired after working out?

I feel really tired the day after I work out
I cant even climb the stairs fast:S
is that a good thing?


Scared I'll gain weight if I start eating normally

I'm used to eating 400 calories a day and I'm Freaked out. I know if I'm ever cured from my problem and start eating more calories like normal, I'll severely gain weight! If I go up slowly everyday and go up 100 a day or something will I be okay and no...


How to lose 20lbs in a month

Ok this is how it is. I am only 19 years old and I recently just had my baby. Before I got pregnent I was atleast 140-150lbs. Now I am 200-220 for the most. I have been having problems losing weight and every diet I tried have fail. Now I suggested to ...


how can you lose weight from 53 to 50kg?

iam, 14 years old. 160cm tall. 53 kg. I want to lose weight from 53 to 50kg. how will I be able to do that?
pls help. im so fat

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I need more energy in my life!!!

im 14 and I have low iron so I have no energy which makes me fall behind in class and be soo completly boring from time to time. Is there somthing I can take or do so I can have one day where I dont want to take a nap by lunch like im 80 or sumthin?


Will going on the Stairmaster make my butt bigger?

Does anyone know if going on the Stairmaster will make your butt bigger?

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How can I get ready for bathing suit season!?

How can you lose belly fat and your ;ove handles? I'm 5'4 and 130 pounds. I don't look too fat but I do have a little fat that I would like to dispose of before summer!


This makes no sense??!!!

male 909 posted this on one of my questions about how to get larger breasts... D

"get a bicycle pump
place the end of the bicycle pump on your nipple
make sure it fits in nice and tight and the air cant escape from the side
start pumping gently


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