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what if I start eating halff my normal food...?

ok im trying to lose weight all over my body and I was wondering if I go jogging 2wice a week and eat half of what I normaly eat and do crunches(50)a day will I lose 20lbs before summer?


What are some leg workouts?

I hate my legs!!! What are some exercises or work-outs I can do to get rid of my descrase of legs. Lmao

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Belly dancing

Does belling dancing really tone your belly???


How much do I need to lose to have a good perfect weight???

Okay so I am about 5 feet tall 14 years of age and I weight about 76 pounds (I'm fat I know) but I much do you think I need to lose in older to have a perfect weight??? Thank you!

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I always feel like I am going to throw up after I eat

It doesn't matter what I eat but after anymeal I always feel like I am going to throw up even if I dont eat that much. I find that closing my eyes helps the urg go away. I mean I hate throwing up and all and it makes me upset that my body keeps doing t...


Should I wear tights or loose pants when running on a treadmill?

will my as@ sag if i don't wear tights?


Time and weight loss?

Hi everyone! Most of my life I've struggled with my weight..I weigh 168lbs and im 21 5'5...I know im overweight by a bit and I've been trying to deal with it by eating healthier, drinking more water and being active as much as I possibly can, thing is,...


What should I weigh at 5'7''?

What should a muscular five-foot seven girl weigh? I weigh 141 in the morning...should I be 130? or at least 135


Want to become fat

want to become fat

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How much should I weigh?

what should an ideal 5'10 16 year old boy weigh?
I workouts for like about 30 minutes a day everyday.
I am very active in every sport and iam very competive.
Right now I weigh 150lbs


How can I get bigger legs?

I weight 117 pounds so my legs are really skinny and I want them to look fuller, bigger, should I just run a lot every day?

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How to lose weight I'm suddenly gaining?

I los a lot of weight but now im starting to gain it all back ! how do I lose weight it ? I forgot yes I know its embaressing but please help me im going to go see my grandma in israel for the first time in 2 years and I dont want her to remeber me lik...


When should I work out?

For building muscle and doing exercise, is there a certain time of the day to do your pilates that gives you better results? Every other day I do ab pilates and bun&thigh pilate exercises. I usually work out at night when my belly is empty and my muscl...


How to kill my appetite?

Ok, I love to eat, but I keep gaining weight. what can I do 2 kill my appetite?


Does the fluidity bar work?

Has anyone here achieved results using the fluidity bar? How much weight did you loose? How many weeks did it take? Did you change your food habits?


How to lose 4lbs in a week?

im 9 stones 3 pnds but I want to lose another 4 pnds in one week how can I lose this weight?


How many calories does black coffee have?

How many calories doe black coffee have?
[1 spoon of coffee and just hot water, no sugar, no cream, no milk, nothing.]

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How can I lose weight fast?

How can I lose weight fast?


help me I'm going crazy whats wrong with me??? please help

okay so I am 14 years of age I weight around 120 pounds (I guess) and my height is about 5'1... so its been a year I been doing this... I think I am very big... I make myself purge after eating a whole lot of food... I feel like I need to lose weight ...


fitness, and toning myself up

how long would you say it would take to tone muscles up e.g. deltoids, pectorials, biceps triceps, just by doing weight lifting everyday...I've toned up my abdominal cruches to a nearly six pack in a month but I left out my uper body...what do you think?


Does water fasting really work?

Ok does it cause I just want to know???
Im not going to do it though


How to get my belly back after having twins?

I gave birth to twins almost two years ago. I'm 5' 4" and weigh 105 lbs. I've lost the baby weight, but can't seem to get my stomach back. I'm not sure if it's fat or just stretched skin. I've tried stomach toning exercises and they aren't working....


Will the Ab Lounge and Perfect Pushup give results?

will I see weight loss results in 4 months if I use the ablounge and perfect push-up every day?


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