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Is it possible to continue on with a pregnancy when you have heavy bleeding and cramping?

I spent 5 hours at the hospital yesterday because I was having some bleeding and cramping. I did 4 home pregnancy tests (3 of which were positive) They did an ultrasound, blood work, and an internal exam. When my blood work came back, they said I ha...


What can I take to make my shoulder stop hurting so much?

I messed up my shoulder pretty bad. I went to the orthopedic today and he said it is unstable (keeps dislocating alittle then popping back in) and that i probabily have a labrum tear (i have to have a mri arthogram). He told me that im in so much pain ...


How long will this take to heal properly?

Ok, so I have bad luck.

I started running about a week ago, in order to get fit and into shape. I run about 4-5 km on average a day and obviously because I haven't been doing this in a while my legs are quite sore (which to me is normal)



how to get percocet leagally

I would like to ask some concerned person out there how to get percocet , roxicodone, legally I just read some answers to the question and I signed up not half way knowing how to use this. I have MS, fibramyalsia, 5 heriated discs and rhumetoid arthrit...


How to cope with serious depression/anxiety?

Hi, I haven't been on here in a long time. I have been really going through a hard time. I guess I am at the point where I am even tired of hearing myself talk. My eyes have become open to how self absorbed I am. I am just so tired. My doctor diagnose...


What do you think of my sisters situation and what our mom said

I want to ask a question: my sister karen (55 years old) wears glasses and hearing aids. (no she is very stylish and she does not look like a geek). However, back in february karen went to her eye doctor for a checkup but karen had to use his associat...


How to naturally rid your body of THC metabolites (2)?

Okay, so I've been smoking weed on a daily basis for the past several months. I quit 3 days ago, and have been staying hydrated and averaging an hour of cardio/fat burn exercises per day and plan on continuing to do so. I also jogged every other day fo...


Need a friend

Well, I AM at my wits end tonight. My stepdaughter whom I've raised since age 11 has suffered form anexiroa for 7 years now. She has been in residential treatment, countless doctors, therapist, nutrientist, you name it we've tried it. She has had fe...


What do you think is going on with me and my pregnancy?

Last menstrual period was 31st december, was due on thursday 28th january but never came on, the following tuesday I did a test and it was positive, the following saturday had watery red blood, went to see my doc and they told me that it could be norma...