Why do people use liquor and smoke, even when they know it's bad?

Answer #1

People drink and smoke for various reasons. I smoke because I like it. Everyone will have theere differant opinions of it

Answer #2

May i ask u? y do u like it?

Answer #3

I like it because I like the way it taste. Im not addicted to it but its kind of a release to pick up a cigerette and smoke it. Do you smoke?

Answer #4

There are many reasons, but I think a common reason is the feeling a person gets with it, the drunkenness from liquor and the stress-relief from smoking.

Answer #5

no , i don’t smoke.. bcoz i dont like it , it never give us solution.. :) lyf is so beautiful , live natural.. its awesm feeling

Answer #6

i dont undrstand y people dont find solution and not accept truth?.. do u hav it?

Answer #7

It’s fun sometimes and smoking relaxes you. Who cares if it bad? You’re gonna die anyway.

Answer #8

Totally agree with you

Answer #9

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Answer #10

Well they do become addictive and lots of people just make it a habit to smoke and drink…. My dad has tried many times to stop smoking but it’s really hard to not he gets really cranky… And ik my dad use to drink heavily when he was going through something hard or when he was sad or upset…

Answer #11

Smoking tobacco is a bad idea all around. Tobacco is expensive and can be more difficult to quit than smack so the best thing is to never start and if you do smoke the sooner you stop the easier it will be. Many people can enjoy alcohol in moderation without harming their health; in fact light drinkers tend to live longer than those who don’t drink at all. Some people can not drink moderately and those people should avoid alcohol but someone who enjoys the occasional drink should not worry about it.

Answer #12

People are imperfect…all have vices to different degrees….hopefully we’ll stay away from the truly destructive ones and make good choices in life

Answer #13

I don’t smoke, never have and never plan on starting. But i do drink once and a while. I do it because its a way to let lose and forget about everything for a little while. Sure it’s not good for you, but neither is eating junk food and you eat it anyways right? Why? Because you like it. Just like coffee isn’t good for you but we drink it anyways and deep fried food, but we eat it anyways. It’s fine if you don’t do it all the time.

Answer #14

Sometimes people are curious to know what it is like. Than people start to really enjoy it and don’t want to stop. Just because something is bad for you doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

Answer #15

Sometimes people are curious to know what it is like. Than people start to really enjoy it and don’t want to stop. Just because something is bad for you doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

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