When you get seizures, can lack of sleep increase the risk of having one?

Answer #1

That’s very unlikely, because your sleep patterns have nothing to do with the cause of a seizure. It’s more advanced than that.

Answer #2

I don’t know much about seizures but I doubt that lack of sleep can increase the risks of a seizure. My only guess is that maybe sleep deprivation can cause stress and maybe stress can induce a seizure? Ask a doctor or research more info on seizures.

Answer #3

Lack of QUALITY sleep has been shown to increase the chance of seizures it’s a widely accepted fact, you can google the details yourself.and find out more details.

Sleep is crucial to mental health as the brain heals itself during sleep cycles, there are countless studies showing the link between sleep and better cognitive abilities.

Answer #4

Sleep cycles regulate the brains electrical activity, a seizure is a repeating electric impulse or a bombardment of impulses…. oh look both have to do with the brain and impulses… clearly there is no link to speak of /Sarcasm

Answer #5

Informer’s right … I’m epileptic and I know, for a fact, that when I get too tired, I’m more prone to having seizures. Excessive stress is also a factor.

Answer #6

Thank You you guys very helpful , sorry I wanted to like an answer but couldn’t because of this new page & I’m on a cell phone & cant figure it out yet

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