What would our world be like if there was a pill that allowed us to remember everything we read?

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We'd pass a lot of exams, we'd go thru school easier, there would be more competition for jobs because everyone would have degrees....

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More people would do less stupid things.

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Would end up like the movie Limitless all over again :D Except everyone on it. XD

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We wouldn't have to re-read, however, we would put a lot of thought into other things which can be good or bad. So things will most likely stay the same. We can choose to use it wisely or not. My opinion anyway.

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everbody would be alot smarter

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Like what Hahili said, but its not as if its bad enough trying to get jobs these days anyway! Right?
But it would be awesome..

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Everything would stay the same. The level of expected knowledge would raise, and those who read would know more than those who don't. It would be the exact same. Just like when money depreciates, knowledge would do the same.

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In short we will succeed in our every exam.

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