Is it bad to buy eye glasses without a prescription?

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Sometimes depends on the person.

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Non Rx glasses are simple magnifiers, and have the same Rx for both eyes. It is rare anyone has the same defect in both eyes. Readers, as they are called are all right temporary, but long term you need an exam.

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@DrBill-LOL yes or no?

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If you use it a lot, then yes

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If your eyesight has changed then you would be better off with a prescription.

If you already have glasses that fit and just want to get a different style frame with the same quality lenses, you can just order it. A check-up at your eye clinic ever 3 years or so is also a good idea, even if your vision doesn't change.

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When you wear prescription eye glasses that are not meant for you it could strain your vision. If you want glasses an alternative would be to go to an accessory store (i.e. Claires) and buy a fake pair just for the looks.

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Many people who never needed glasses until presbyopia made it difficult to read can get by with dime store reading glasses.
I don't see any reason not to get prescription glasses even if you only need them for reading. Eye exams are usually under $50 and you can order prescription glasses on-line that are as cheap as dime store readers.

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Yup chances are you won't find the right glasses period like I went to a right aid cause my contacts broke n I could not find glasses at all that I could even see out of cause my eyes are really bad and if you don't were your prescription then your eyes can get worse.

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