Is it bad to want to sleep throughout life?

i am losing energy everyday, i become lazier and lazier and don't want to leave the house. Even eating i am struggling, i have to remind myself to eat otherwise i will eat a small snack 4 the whole day.

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Maybe you're sleep deprived.

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i sleep more than 10hrs aday

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If it saps your ambition/drive/being productive and happy, YES

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Nope :P I am sleep lol, and It's just a phase, you'll break out of It.

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I am exactly the same way at the moment, espicially with the forgetting to eat. I think it has something to do with depression. Should probably go see a psychiatrist. If it doesn't have to do with depression, then it has to do with your eating habit, not eating will drainnnnnnnnnnnnn your energy like no tomorrow.

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Well to me the answer is NO....

sleep way too much

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i am no crazy:)

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I never stated that you were crazy.....

I cant sleep ever!

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During the winter I sleep alot because winter weather depresses me, lol.

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I suggest going to a doctor, it could be depression as it causes tiredness and lack of appetite for some people.

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