What would happen to someone that swallowed a battery and didn't get help?

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There is a small part of me saying go to the emergency room. The other part of me saying why is the battery in you mouth to begin with?

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Just watching a show and someone swallowed a battery on purpose so it made me curious as to what it would do

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Ive swallowed a 5cent coin on purpose to see what it tasts like. I think if the battery leaked and the acid was in your body it could be harmful

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well since the battery is not edible that person would either die from chocking or passout cuz all the chemicals in the battery

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I did that once to on purpose and yeah I think it could be harmful to

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Battery acid is very toxic and can kill you, so swallowing a battery and not getting medical attention would not be the best idea.

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It depends. If you are talking about small button cells the main concern is if the battery remains intact or if it releases its toxic contents. Larger batteries can also get stuck in or perforate the esophagus or colon. Personally I'd take anyone who swallowed a battery to the emergency room.

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first of all why would anyone ever eat a battery. And it would depend if it is one of those little button batteries, you may be safe, but the best thing to it get the person to the emergency room , or get someone that knows what they are doing involved

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