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Marijuana and 6 months pregnant

Im 6 mos. Pregnant and I've been smoking weed before and after I found out about my pregnancy. I barerly smoke anymore but when I do the baby moves more after 2 hits. Is this a sign?


Is it normal to have a tighter vagina while pregnant?

I am 14 wks and some change pregnant. Im 21 and its not like im being irresponsible although it has nothing to do with my question...

My vagina seems a LOT tighter since I got this normal? should it be tighter like this?


Why do I feel sick after fingering?

I really enjoy fingering (when im in the mood) but the one fing is that afterwards I feel sick like im going to through up :S
I stil want to carry on but I cant.
Because I feel so sick I have to stop ?
HELP what should I do ? :S


Can I produce breast milk for my husband without being pregnant?

My husband loves my breasts, he likes to fondle them and suck them...he also wants to drink milk from them. Is it at all possible to fulfill his wishes and produce breastmilk without pregnancy?

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3 months pregnant

I'm three months and my friend poke my stomach really hard. She didn't mean to she had no clue that I was expecting. SInce then my stomach has been hurting is that a sign of miscarriage??

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Why does it burn when I'm getting fingered?

Well I've been fingered more than once. And before it doesn't hurt but all of a sudden its starting to burn? is this normal or is it a bad sign? I've always used protection and when I'm getting fingered its fine. just recently getting fingered really b...


Can precum get you pregnant?

Hey my man is scared when he makes love to me wit out a condom if he don't cum and stop he thinks iam already pregnant. Why? he says you could because of that true?

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Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn't have one at all. I've taken two test which both came up negative. So if I'm not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?


How long does Sperm last

How long would sperm last in a female body before dying?
(her vagina at least)

I didn't ejaculate or anything, but I'm just wondering.
We only had intercourse for about 45 seconds or less.
mm.. 3 times in.. 3 times out to be really specific.

I highl...

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What is this discharge when my boyfriend fingers me?

Um well like when I my boyfriend fingers me (or someitmes when I do) this like white kinda not lump but like small white bits come out (only sometimes) like is it just discharge or what... because I know when my "cum" dries out on my finger it turns li...

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Am I pregnant or is my period coming early?

i have experienced light cramping and light bleeding a few days before my period is due the bleeding is much lighter than my normal period and earlier. I have breast tenderness and some nausea. I'm confused.


Get pregnant without actually having intercourse

I was with my girlfriend yesterday, and as usually we were hooking up, and one thing lead to another and I pulled off her pants to finger her. and a little after, she pull down mine for a hand job. so both of our pants were off and I was on top of he...

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Could i become pregnant if my boyfriend's condom broke, but he didn't cum in it ?

He came in the condom we had about 30 minutes earlier. We had a break cause he was tired, and put a new condom on, and he was a little too rough and it broke while it was in me..

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Is there something abnormal about my sperm.

I've asked a couple really close guy friends and some girls who would know and they say there cum is white. mine is clear... could there be something wrong?

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can all these thing happen at 2-3 weeks pregnant?

I took a test 4 days ago and there was a faint line, my tummy is swelling out and I can't suck it in, I have got symptons, can all these thing happen at 2-3 weeks pregnant??
(this is my third pregnancy but first baby)


Pink Discharge? Could I be pregnant?

I've startedto produce pink discharge last night/today but I can't be pregnant can I? I'm a virgin but I do have a boyfriend. Whenever me and my boyfriend do things together it is always with a condom on so we're extra safe. But could I somehow be preg...

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How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?


What, is it possible to feel pregnant without taking a test?

Im on birth control. My boyfriend came in me about four times. Last month I had a light period that was only about two days. This month I feel like I look fatter and my stomach has been feeling weird. Is it possible to feel pregnant and know your pregn...


What does breast tenderness feel like while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, what does breast tenderness feel like? Is it different then, when you are on your period, and they hurt? Like my period stopped a week ago, and my right breast hurts, like a kind of shooting pain, I guess I could say. And I never h...


Is clear vaginal discharge normal when pregnant?

Hi all again! I am having a blood test next week to confirm pregnancy. The consensus is that I am... However, I am experiencing quite a lot of clear viginal discharge throughout the day and night for around 3-4 weeks now. Normal?


What is the posibility of someone getting pregnet if fingered?

Well me and my boyfriend were dry humping , we were spooning and his penis was between my legs. I had my thong on still and I felt him pre cum on me. (I felt the pre cum with my leg right when he did it. But his penis was right on my vagina) after I no...

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Am I Pregnant If Im Bleeding

am I pregnant if im bleeding

I had cravings for sweet desserts for a couple weeks when I hardly eat sweet deserts. Im contantly hungry. My period just started a few days ago after being 5 weeks late. Im not totally convinced that im on my period even ...


Can you really get pregnant this way?

ok so me and my mom were talking and she was saying how you can get pregnant , even if you mess around with a guy and he cums on your underwear then when you put the underwear back on then you can easly still get prgnate becuase his "little friends"can...

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Pregnant .. Stomach was squeezed?

This might be a dumb question but im in my ninth week of pregnancy and my dumbass brother squeezed my stomach tightly[ he doesnt know im preg].. Is that something to be worried about? Could it have hurt the baby ? My stomache doesnt hurt or nething and...


How did I get bruised from being fingered?

So, me and my boyfriend were getting a little touchy-feely, and he started to finger me. It was pretty much my first time, and it felt really good(:

But the next morning as I was getting in the shower, I felt like I had a bruse right in the front. ho...

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