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why are my nipples hard and sore?

My nipples have been really hard and sore for about 3 days now. Also yesterday I noticed a lil bit of brown discharge in my underwear.. it was there today too. I'm late on my period but its irregular because of The depo shot I used to be on. But any th...


a lump in pubic area

23 yr old female, with a lump in pubic hair area. it is round and regular, soft to form in consistency, about 1 - 2 cm diamater in size, painless, with pus and bloody discharge, reddish in color, and attached to skin. what can it be???


Smelly vagina

I have a regular discharge almost daily, but it comes out clear. so I know its normal. But I want my boyfriend to finger me for the first time, but I just dont know what it should smell like, because my vagina doesnt always smell good. so I dont know i...

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viginal dischagre, when you wipe it's yellow?

Look if you have a viginal dischagre (I don't mean too sound nasty) and when you wipe your self with toliet paper its yellow BUT... When you do the finger test it's white... and there is no weried oder what do people mean when they say they have clumps...


Light spotting period = meaning?

My period is like clockwork and usually really heavy, even when stressed out. But this month when I went to have my period all that happened was a bunch of really light spotting. Only for one day. I took a pregnancy test the day after the spotting stop...


Why is my vagina starting to stink really bad?

and my vaginal lips itching? i know i dont have herpes, or any other STD's. I've been dating the same boy for five years, and we were both virgins in highschool when we did it. it just randomly started smelling and itching and having alot of white disc...

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Why do I smell of fish and im pregnant?

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have started smelling a fishy odour.
I have had urine tested and that was fine no infection in my urine.
I do not itch and have discharge but no more than usual.
I have heard that some certain foods can give off ...


Why do I get itchy when wearing tampons?

When I wear tampons my vigina itches real bad..on the inside and around my lips I am 14 years old(im not a vigin and I shave) I am on the pill. This didnt start till after I started taking the pill!..I have this white creamy discharge, it doesnt sti...

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I'm on Birth Control Pills and my nipples hurt, can I be pregnant?

When they say your breast hurt, is there something specific about it?
My nipples hurt, but thats the only thing.
I last period was November 2nd.
But I've been waiting to get a pregnancy test.
I'm going to be buying one as soon as the holidays start...


Why does brown stuff come out my vagina?

Im sixteen & I am a virgin. For some time now I've been seeing this discharge coming out of my vagina my mom said it was normal. But I didnt agree because it was happening all day everyday . My gyno gave me yeat infection pills and still no change. I'v...

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Why have I missed a period if im a virgin and 13?

I have missed a period. iM 13 and the period that I missed would of been my 5th one. My 4th period was extremely heavy - right till the end. My period was due about a week to 2 weeks ago. I have been getting really bad 'period pain' cramps in my lower ...


How do I get ride of thc in my system?

Well my question is how to get rid of any thc in my system I am 38 weeks pregnant and I drank it as a tea for my pain, nausia, and insomnia which worked now I only did that a few times in the middle of my pregnancy and in the last month I've only had a...


Vagina smells like poop?

One day I was sitting on a counter (naked) waiting for my shower water to get hot, when I was jumping down I accedintly hit my vagina on the edge of it. I didnt think much of it so I just forgot about it but the next day my vagina started to smelll l...

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Bitter Breasts .. Help !!

my guy says my breasts have a musky taste to them after he puts his mouth on them. I Googled this problem MANY times and A LOT of women have this issue but no one, not even DOCS can give real answers. no one seems to know what's REALLY TRULY causing th...


Why is my tummy so Bloated after 5 weeks Pregnant?

Hi Ladies!

Going by my LMP I am now 5 weeks Pregnant but I cant understand how My Tummy is Bloated like so much already & starting to get really really hard, is that normal at only 5 weeks?

plus the lower back pain & nauseas all throughout the day, f...


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