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Hide scar wrist

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Laser Treatment for scars and acne - Does it really work?

Good afternoon,

I recently went for a consultation at a place called Celibre ( in Orange County, CA. My face is not that bad but I do have acne along with some dark scarring. I have taken acutain in the pa...


Need to stop cutting desperately

I've been cutting myself since I was in 7th grade and now I'm trying to stop but it's to addictive and if I don't I might loose my frien if she sees my wrist with new scars


Do you have to wear a hospital gown during a CT scan of your head?

I need to know within the next half hour. I really hope you don't. If you do, does anyone know any quick tips for hiding some not old scars that haven't completely faded yet?

Please answer


Eraser burns

I gave myself an eraser burn like 2 days ago because my friend got me really upset and I felt that was the only way to relase my anger. And now it is a hugeee scab. And im afraid itll scar on my wrist. Is there any way I can get it to heal? Does neilsp...


cuts hurt

I accedentally cut myself and I was wondering how I could hide it


is this wrong?

I have a brown scar below my head on the p*nis


I think I may be depressed

Recently I have been very irritable and angry for no reason. I'm always tired and I have trouble falling asleep and waking up in the morning. I have also gained weight and feel like crying all thetime. I was once a straight A student and now am getting...


how to stop self harming...for good.

I'm 24 years old, I started cutting after I was molested by my stepdad when I was 12 and have been doing it on and off since then. I want to stop completely and be able to look at self harm as something I went through, not something that will follow m...


can I use neosporin??

can I take neosporin after being circumsized???
meaning on the scar where the stiches are??


How...: I ve started my periods and have a problem...?

Hi I've started my periods and since I am at school I have to change pads. I m "embarassed" because I can't hide the pad anywhere but in a small bag which I have to hide under my shirt. Any bag ideas please? or better ways to hide the bag?


Addicted to cutting, if I do it again, will I get addicted again?

I use to slit my wrist. I did it about 48 times. I was addicted to doing it. If I did ever do it again will I get addicted to doing it again?

26 views NSFW

What is it like getting your period?

I'm scarred and don't know what expect I'm 13 I'm I a late bloomer?


Why do I have this obsession with being abused?

I have possible been abused as a small child. I am not joking at all this is a serious issue that I need help with. I constantly put myself in any danger I can find. I want people to make me scream and cry in pain and I found out its not normal at all!...


Hey there, I know it's hard to feel like I don't care at all.

Where you are and how you feel.
With these lights off as these wheels
keep rolling on and on. (and on and on and on...)
Slow things down or speed them up.
Not enough or way too much. (and on and on and on...)
How are you when I'm gone?

And I ca...


Can you get scalps from ringworm?

When you get ringworm on your wrist can you get scalps in your hair?
& do you need medication for your scalp problem if number 1 is yes?


What are these little welts that look all bumpy and shiny?

I have noticed a welt on my wrist it is all bumpy like little pimples and its shiny looking. But what concerns me is now another one has appeared on my other wrist and now I have one on my back and arm they are little and they don't hurt what do you th...


Is anything wrong?

I'm going to the doctor to see but is it normal to have your wrist bone stick out a lot? It's been like this as long as I can remember. Doesn't hurt at all. Nobody else's wrist bone in my family sticks out like mine not even my grandma and she's skinni...


How does seeing cuts trigger someone who is a cutter?

It happens to me but i dont understand why it is i get the urge when i see other peoples scars or cuts


How can you safely pop a pimple?

I have a HUGE pimple on the left corner of my bottom lip. How can I pop it so it won't leave a scar and it will be gone!?!?


Can you get carpal tunnel from playing the guitar too much?

I find my wrist hurting after i play the guitar for a while..i do tend to play it's just soo addicting..and it's addicting to learn new songs and keep learning and practicing til i get perfect at that my fingers and wrist stay ...


What is this type of rash ?

Okay, I have a rash on my wrist it is the size of a quater and is red and bumpy can anyone tell me what to do, oh and I have had it for a couple months.


Do you have to warm urine if using someone else's for a test?

My friend wanted me to do research. if using someone elses urine does it mater if it is cold or warm? Where should you hide it on your body?


Are there consequences to losing your period from eating disorder?

umm...yeah...are there any long-term consequences to losing your period due to an eating disorder?
*runs and hides*


Pregnant at 13

I am pregnet and I am13 what do I do my mom will kill me but I got raped so will she still be mad and I want to keep the baby I am scarred


Why Am I Obsessed With Serial Killers?

I love the way their minds work and why they choose the the person they kill, how they kill them, where they hide the body, ect. Is this a normal obsession?


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