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Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks?

Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks? I smoked maybe 5 times in the past month. The marijuana I smoked was from Amsterdam so it was pretty high in THC. What can I do to speed up the process of it getting out of my system? If I run l...


How do I convince my parents to let me dance?

okay so I have already made other question things kinda like this but I guess I went to the doctor EARLY today instead of tommaro, and my parents said I can't dance anymore because I am to underweight and the doctor SUGGESTED that I dont dance, that's ...


Will sleeping on your front make your boobs grow slower?

Will sleeping on your front make any difference to your boobs growing?
Also does sleeping in a bra make any difference whatsoever?


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When is the best time of day to weigh yourself?

Morning, afternoon, midday, night? I mean when you wake up you have no extra weight right? And when you go to bed at night you have the weight of all the food in your stomach? So would it be morning?


Is there anyway to make my tooth grow in faster?

is there any possible way to make your tooth grow in faster? any ways or tricks? please help


How long does it take for your stomach to absorb calories?

I'm trying to help my friend with bulemia, she'll eat and then like one, or two hours later throw up. I told her it doesn't make any sense because the calories have been absorbed.
But I'm not sure sure I'm right...
How long does it take for your stom...


What STD's can be detected by a urine test?

What STD's can be detected by a urine test?


Exactly how effective is the pull-out method?

Exactly how effective is the pull-out method?


After my period, how long am I fertile?

after periods date until how many days I have to take care not to pregnant


How-- Can I get a sick note for work from the hospital or does it have to be from your GP?

It is friday night, I have been to the doctors earlier on this week and they told me to go to hospital for x-rays. The doctors is shut all weekend and I need to have a sick note in really soon to my work (McDonalds) or I wont get paid and something bad...


When im on my period, my clit hurts

Sometimes when im on my period my clitoris hurts. is this bad and I do mastubate like a couple times a week

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Counciling - or do it by myself ?

Well, I went to see my drama teacher (who is also helps with like problems and stuff) and she asked me how my life was and how things are, and she was talking about something and asked how I let out my anger, so I told her that I cut myself, and said t...


Why do people get their tonsils taken out? neighbor hes 6 he had his removed?


Getting weed out of your system

I have a drug test on tuesday January 27, 2009 I smoked some weed on January 17, 2009 how can I get the weed out of my system that fast?


Short of breath while sitting at computer chair.

I seam to be very short of breath just as I sit at my computer chair. It is making me lightheaded and a little dizzy. It sometimes feels like I have something tight around my chest.
I have been getting this for a while on and off. I went to my dr but ...


Suddenly feel weak and dizzy

Ok, I have been feeling really weird lately! Out of no were my stomach feels like... (I dont know how to explain this...) well, you know when you get nervous, and that makes your stomach feel... weird?!! Well thats how it feels. Then I start getting di...


Please, I'd like outside thoughts and opinions.

I noticed a small pimple size lump under my armpit about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have not noticed any changes in growth, is not sore or sensitive. Although, I can feel an underlying mass when touched. I'm familiar with cysts and this lump does not r...


Why am I shivering when I go to take a shower even though it's not cold?

So for the past few days when I woke up and got naked for my shower I would start shaking like it was 20 below even though it was like 70 degrees. Also when I was still wearing pants and an undershirt I was fine and thought it was pretty warm it's just...


Home remedies that really work?

I smoke small amounts of thc every other day what can I do to clean upfor urine test that will work fast


How is swallowing cum good for you?

Cum is good for you to swallow cause it has lots of protein but what exactly is good about it like does it help your skin in some type of way???

A Girl Who Is Curious.

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how can I make my stomach un-bloated?


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How does asprin rid help rid the body of thc metabolites?

I am trying to pass a drug test and I heard that asprin can help lower thc metabolites from someones this true?


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