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Touchin as kissing

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Why did my crush kiss me

Out of no where my crush kissed me, I dont even think he likes me, so why would he kiss me any ideas? if I was to ask he'd say dunno :|


why wont my boyfriend kiss me?

my boyfriend likes hugging me but he never kissed anyone befor so why wont he kiss me he told me he loves me so please help!

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How long should I hold a kiss with my boyfriend?

Ok well I'm in my first relationship with a boy and we started kissing on Monday and I was just wondering how long we should hold the kiss for?

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What does it mean when a guy kisses your neck?

I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 14 and he always will hug me and then kiss me, then he'll kiss my neck. Does that mean anything?

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Whats a rainbow kiss?

Im just wondering..
What is a rainbow kisss?
I've heard my frieds talk about it..
So I was just wondering.!


How exactly do you kiss a guys neck?

Peck, suck, nibble? What gives the body the greatest sensation?

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wondering if if guys liked it when girl kissed their necks and the

Hello. I was just wondering if guys liked it when girl kissed their necks and their ears. Weird question I know, but i need to know.


What do guys like when kissing?

I've just started kissing but im not sure what to do to make it more enjoyable fr him. I dno if its borin fr him or not... :s ?

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Who knows if it's possible to get alittle organism from kissing?

When your making out with a guy/girl in your room or something is it possible to get alittle organism from only kissing him/ that normal???


Have you ever had your braces caught in a kiss?

have you and the person your kissing got each others brasces cought on each others?

just curious. [=


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What are some ways to practise kissing?

What are some ways to practise kissing, without a person involed or food such as an orange?? Weird question, just curious haha.


How can I kiss my boyfriend w/out being nervous?

I have a boyfriend we have been datin for about 8 weeks and he wants to kiss me friday at a party that im havin' how do I kiss him w/out bein nervous?

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What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

what does it mean?
I dont think guys go around randomly kissing girls on the forehead
...doesnt it mean something more than a kiss on the cheek?

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Don't know how to kiss

Okay, well my girlfriend kissed me the other day, and it was amazing, but my problem is that I don't really know how to kiss her back. Like, making out.

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where is my first kiss

im 16 years old and I didnt try my first kiss.thats emberessing...please help

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How can I easily kiss someone who is way taller than I am?

i tried just standing on my toes but its really embarrassing that i have to do that, and i lose my ballance easily after a while


How do I kiss a girl at the movies?

Me and a couple of my friends are goin to the movies and I prob need to be a good kisser so I need to no how to be a good kisser, please help

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Kissing help

When I kiss my boyfriend he wants to use tongues and I dont know how ... Cann anyone helpp please :) x

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My boyfriend won't kiss me

My boyfriend wont kiss hug or hol my hand even though weve been going out for 3 months what do I do?


Why do I always want kiss?

I don't knowwhy but I always have the erdge to kiss someone/thing really really passionatly, I don't know what to do andhow can I get this plesure??? HELP?

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What should I do about her kissing me?

I have a girl friend (duh) but her friend likes me but my girl does NOT really not like me anymore but I tiny pit like her but. back to what I said she KISSED me and I don't no why and my girl does not do that WIERD! but just HELP ME!!!

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What do I do with my tongue while kissing?

i was kissing my g/f yesterday and i froze..i didnt know wat to do with my do i move it around?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ..pllzz help!!

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Kiss her neck?

I keep hearing about how girls like to be kissed on the neck and Im going to try that...but I dont know where on the neck to kiss her...I know it probly depends on the girl but what do you all like if you like being kissed on the


how do i get my boyfriend to go further in kissing?

well we have kissed but I think he's a little shy... how do I get him to kiss me but... like longer and more? because I love him that much :D can I get some help?

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