Why do we bite while kissing? what does it mean?

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O spice things up :)

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In simple terms it means you're "kinky".

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I don't know. I guess it's very passionate. My last boyfriend bit me on the neck, all over the face and mouth. He bit me so hard on the mouth that he broke the skin and I had a sore there for about a week or so (and it hurt). While I was ok with the bites on the neck and mouth, I thought the bites on the face were a little strange because no one ever did that to me before. After this particular boyfriend and I broke up, I watched him kissing his new girlfriend. Seriously, I thought they were going to digest each other. It was as if they each were steaks and hadn't eaten in a month. I guess that if you're going to kiss that passionately, you ought to do it in private. It was so nasty I thought I was going to lose my dinner. Seriously.

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