When you’re on a date, do you think the man should pay or not?

Answer #1

Not necessarily. There are a few factors involved.

Who initiated the date? Whoever it was that initiated the date should expect to pay, however, the other person should still make the offer to cover their portion of the cost, or politely turn down the date if they know they can’t afford it (which will allow the person who initiated the date to step in and offer to cover the whole expense, if desired).

Answer #2

Well, I think in a way it shows more about you, that your willing to pay for her if need be. But these days since woman expect you to pay for them, if you didn’t there is a chance she will be out off :-)

Answer #3

I say first date you should eat pay for your own

Answer #4

i am a guy. personally on a first date i would like to pay.but the guy cant pay every time because that is very expensive because just one night can be up to 50 dollars and thats just if you go to dinner and a movie

Answer #5

first date the guy should pay, then the girl should offer later on.

Answer #6

Thank you all

Answer #7

I am always willing to pay on a date, but its really nice when the man pays. I dont think it shoukd be expected, but its nice. However I have been with my partner for four years now so we either pay for ourselves or just take turns paying for each other

Answer #8

personally, no matter first date or 4th date, i want to pay! I know that ‘guys should pay’ but i hate it! Personally, i feel bad and i want to pay my way, and if i could, i would pay for him too! But you know, they are too proud and stuff and never let me pay, for him or for me

Answer #9

I think so.

Answer #10

No, it depends. You should make turns or split the bill. However if you’re inviting someone you should be expected to pay.

Answer #11

On a first date either they split or the guy pays unless the girl is the one that was doing the asking out. lol

Answer #12

I think the guy should be a gentalmen n offer to pay.. But it could b 50/50 you both pay for your own.

Answer #13

My mum always said to be independent so I took her advice and pay for my own stuff but once and awhile my boyfriend will offer to pay.

Answer #14

I think if you are on a date he has to pay because he invited you ..

Answer #15


Answer #16

On every date I’ve been on I paid no matter the cost or who chose the place I always always always pay for my dates meal …. Now if you been dating this girl/guy for a long time let them pay some it won’t hurt em after All they should have some money saved up since u been paying for.the meal All these other times

Answer #17

Thank you

Answer #18

OF COURSE THE MAN SHOULD PAY! it’s common courtesy.

Answer #19

I like the old fashion way. He asks and he pays. =] Though later on in a commited relationship I think it should be more equal. I treat my boyfriend ti dinners and presents as much as I can.

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