How can i make my boyfriend relax and relieve him of stress?

He has been very stressed out with life and I am going to his house tomorrow. How can I cheer him up?? I am up fpr anything.

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A jolly good seeing to.

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idk what that means

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It's. one of the innumerable allusions to / euphemisms for rumpy-tump.

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There are some things we are not allowed to say outside of the "mature section" so we have to use insinuations and oblique references instead. Suffice it to say that I am referring to a game of "hide the sausage".

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Lmfaoooo I died omg
A jolly good seeing to omfg
I'm using that on a girl.
"baby, I want a jolly good seeing to"

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Treat him, by cooking him dinner, giving him a massage, listening to him, making him laugh, messing around with him, watching a nice movie snuggled up together (or if you prefer playing a game with him). I also buy him a little gift e.g. his favourite chocolate as a surprise when I see him if he's been stressed all week and I havent been able to help much :)

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Sometimes being quite and just listen to him will provide a refreshing moment and will help him relax and stress free

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haha oh dear...i hope this isnt the reason why he's so stressed...

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The problem here is that you guys are responding to a 17 year old, lol. As wonderful an experience for the guy as sex would be, there are probably more age-appropriate ways of helping him. Unfortunately, we have not been given enough information as to what is going on in his life that is making him stressed. Talking over things is the most obvious course of action here, not just going over there and offering him your body, unless you're already in a sexual relationship. I'd say a massage would be more age-appropriate.

It all really depends on what may be stressing him. If you can give us any insight into his stress, then maybe we can offer you some helpful advice...

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Make him a sammich

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Stay with him and sometimes see a film with him.

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Lots of cuddling!

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stay with him and see a film with him.

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