Is it weird to want to have a long distance relationship when you live in a very small town?

Answer #1

I’m guessing it has to do with the whole wanting more than just to be in a small town forever, getting to know more than just the small town you live in, to be able to one day spread those wings. Not weird, understandable.

Answer #2


Answer #3

No just means you are craving more for yourself then what your small town offers. At 13 though I’d be careful if those are relationships on line, sight unseen. In the meantime you can concentrate on getting yourself the education you need to be able to move on your own to town/towns more suitable to what you want. Then you may find the right guy you want to settle down with, f2f.

Answer #4

no just try to communicate a lot

Answer #5

No, I don’t think so at all

Answer #6

yeah nothing wrong with it but it can be hard to mange a long distance relationship but good luck :)

Answer #7

no its not weird. just stay committed.

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