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Crotch smells..

I dont know whats wrong... No matter how much I clean.. with in like.. an hour my crotch always smells really bad.. is there a reason why? Im always clean shaved..


How can I get marijuana out of my system by tommorow?

I have a surprise drug test tommorrow that we did not know about. I need to clean out by then. What should I do?


How can I stop new nipple ring swelling?

I recently got nipple rings and made the stupid mistake of cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide, after a couple day I noticed they had swollen and are more irratated then before. does any one know if I clean them with a saline solution that the swellin...


my new nose piercing is bleeding : (

I got my nose pierced June 30th and right after I got it I noticed there was dried blood on it I figured it was from where Id just got it done but the next morning there was dried blood on it again, and again I just figured this was because it was new....


What is the posibility of someone getting pregnet if fingered?

Well me and my boyfriend were dry humping , we were spooning and his penis was between my legs. I had my thong on still and I felt him pre cum on me. (I felt the pre cum with my leg right when he did it. But his penis was right on my vagina) after I no...

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Why is my ear swollen from gauging?

I went from a 12 to a ten this week. My ear is huge and red swollen. I have cleaned it throughly, but should I seek medical attention?


Is it ok to smoke marijuana while doing a body cleanse?

I am doing a 7 day gnc full body cleanse. I eat healthy, but smoke marijuana. Will this affect the results of my cleanse? Or will it just clean it while I'm doing it?


Why is my scab a sickly green?

the other day I fell down the basemant stairs and cut my arm and then a showed it to my mom and she said to clean it with peroxide and I did then the next day it turmed a sickly green. What is wrong with my scab on my arm?


Why does my mouth smell?

I have a problem, my mouth smells so bad, I brushin my teeth everyday and I usein mouth wash 2 but nothin changed, some people said that I need 2 go to dentis 2 clean up my teeth maybe that could stop smellin, I did it, but again nothin change, what sh...


How do I get pot out of my system while pregnant?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I want to be sure that when I go in for my scheduled c-section in 24 days or so I will be clean from marijuana... I know that niacin works but I just want to be sure that I will not hurt my baby if I take it?


how can I get marijuana out of my system?

my husband has a drug screen on march 26th and he smoked last nite...hes on probation and basically I was wondering if niacin flush free works to clean out your system? any info would be greatly appreciated!


Why are my ear gauges bleeding?

I moved from a size 4 gauge to a size 0 on saturday and my ears have been bleeding and really sore since then. I know I skipped a size but I have done it before and it only hurt for a day and then it was fine. I have clean them really well for the last...


Why is my monroe piercing red around the hole & raised?

I got it about 9 days ago.
My lip itself isnt swollen
But around the hole its red in a circle and its kinda raised up a little bit more then my regular skin.
Im freaking out, I dont want it to be infected which I doubt it is because I clean it w/ s...


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