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period was late but came. was short.

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Hi just looking for a little bit if advice, my period was due 20 march 13 I was late with cramping right up too 30 march when my p decied to show it was a normal p as I usually really heavy with really bad cramps I had mild cramps my p lasted for 2-3 days day 1 I was on n off wit bleeding but nothing heavy day 2 was quite heavy but not like my other p. Was quite abit of blood in.tissue day 3 I had just brown on tissue my p usually last 4 4-5 days heavy with lots of clots sorry if tmi. I had cramping a week after my p it's now 13/April and ive been having sore boobs in and off more off my nipple feeling like it's been pinched so hard that it hurts sory again if tmi I just cant understand whats going on, as I took a test 2 days before my p showed and it was negative it was a clearblue one.. If anyone has had a similar situation please share with me, what the result was. Thanks