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Is there something wrong with my female parts???

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So, this is really awkward for me to talk about but I'll do it. I started developing breasts when I was 9. I started getting pubic hair and discharge when I was 11. I'm 14 now and I still haven't got my period. Should I be worried? And please, if you know anything that can cause this answer me. Oh, in case it matters. I'm tiny for my age. I wear size 8 child pants, I'm 4 ft 11 in and 76lb. I'm and athlete. I do about 3 hours of intense activity 7 days a week. I'm sure this doesn't matter at all,but my bra size is 30a but I'm starting to get slightly big for the cups.Thanks.

Also, it's kind of urgent because if I need to see a doc I need time to explain to my mom my concerns.