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Am i Anorexic? Or developing Anorexia?

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Hi, im 13 year old girl and i think i may be developing anorexia. I REALLY dont want to sound like an attention seeking teenager i actually believe i may have a problem. It only started like 5 weeks ago but i'm still curious. I'm sorry but i dont know what i weigh because my mum keeps forgetting to buy a scale. I started eating less and less food about 5 weeks ago. I was ill for about two days and barley ate anything and my stomach looked thinner and i got really happy so decided not to eat alot. Then after about 4 days, i tried to eat alot but when i eat anything apart from fruit i feel sick. I also am happy about this because i dont want to eat. Yesterday i ate around 1000 calories and i went to sleep mentally kicking myself for it and i havent ate anything today because of it. I count the calories on foods and drinks to keep track of what im eating. i eat from 700-2100 a week. Though recently its more like 700-1800. i starve myself sometimes. I exersize a lot. Not just coz im a dancer. I do like hours of muscel workouts and running and all sorts to loose weight. I lie about how much i eat or make excuses not to eat like 'i had a big lunch' or 'i feel sick' i've lost quite a bit of weight and others around me have noticed. My friends and twin asked me if i had an eating disorder but i pretended i think its a dumb idea because i know im not fat, however i feel like im really fat. Two of my bestfriends in particular are REALLY skinny and eat so much and i feel like i want to look like them. I compare myself to everyone now in terms of skinnyness. I cant concerntrate for long and i get headaches alot now.
I REALLY don’t want to tell my parents so please dont say to tell them. Two of my bestfriends know but i dont trust any adults enough to tell them. i cant think of anything else but i'll let you know if i do. No rude comments please (sorry for bad spelling typed this really quick)