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Is it true that since 2005, doctors have stopped cutting, burning and tying your tubes and only clamp them now?

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Yesterday afternoon one of my cousin-in-laws was telling me and my friend that when she went for a check up at her local health department, they got on the subject of the tubal ligation surgery and she told the nurse that she had it done and that she wasn't worried about getting pregnant again. But then the nurse spoke up and said that they needed to talk about birth control. That's when the nurse told her that ever since after 2005, the doctors no longer cut, tie, or burn your tubes and that they only clamp them. If that's true then I would be at a high risk of getting pregnant again because it's already been 5 years since the time i've got it done which was in 2007. Does anybody know if this is really true or not? Thanks! :)