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can i have an illness if my breasts never grew?

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I'm 17 almost 18 and I have nothing. Some girls complain about having an A cup.....well I still don't fit into bras, but my nipples stick out and I have no idea what to do. Puberty was normal for me, on time, except my breasts. They're 31 and a half inches around my fullest part. I weigh 115 and I'm 5'8". I'm not into any sports and I'm extremely lazy. And I also eat more than the average skinny person, and I eats lots of fatty foods but my gods blessed me with a skinny body.....but no breasts. Is it possible that I have cancer cuz I do feel lumps when I squish them. Oh and it can't be genetics cuz my mom has big melons and all my sisters breasts grew big and at about 12 even my 14 year old sister has bigger breasts than me. I'm honestly thinking of pills, then creams and then if all else fails...plastic surgery. I can never wear anything pretty and no I don't want big melons I just want a little something, like something that can actually be grabbed like soft balls. Oh yes and I don't do sports or anything that keeps me moving . I'm like a cat..always laying down or sitting down being lazy. If you can help I'd really appreciate it. Any suggestions of whether I have a disease possibly, or anything to help me with growing foods that make my hormones have hardcore parties.