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My girlfriend has diabetes...

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My girlfriend and I have been dating since January now. She told me about her diabetes before and what it is. I had a diabetes scare just last month where I passed out and was shaking and the doctors ran some tests and said it was a chance I have diabetes. Turns out I don't but for a few days while I was waiting for the results it scared me.. I cant even imagine what she must go through. I am seventeen and she is sixteen by the way. I just really realized how serious and how hard it must be to live with it. I also realized how uninformed I am. Like after reading about it I really don't know what to do if she is suffering a low or high. Or what if she goes into a diabetic seizure.. it scares me to think about if she goes into a seizure and me not knowing what to do..I want to talk to her about it. About what I need to know. What I need to do if she does go into a seizure. We had prom last night and I realized she was having to go to the bathroom alot and was really thirsty I kept trying to be a good boyfriend and got her drinks. I realized she was going through a high maybe and wanted to help her. It's things like that, that I'd like to know so I can help her. I want to sit her down and talk to her about it. About what I do if she goes into a seizure, how she feels about having diabtetes. (she once told me she feels kind of bad for having it) I want her to know that I care about her, that I'm here to support her and she can be open about it with me. How should I do this?