Can a mass in the liver be cancerous?

I took my mom to a GI because of the discomfort shes been receiving. They found by doing an MRI a solid ball? the doc. said its not a cyst for sure cause its not a sac filled with liquid. I am worried??
the doc. said a "notshol" excuse the spelling she said its a mass.and wants to run more test on her. I am tired of all these test and she keeps saying another one. we did upper and bottom endoscopy, biopsy, MRI, CT scan, blood work,etc...and no clue whats going on?

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Unfortunately, no one here is likely to have any better idea about what it is than her doctors do. Ask the doc if she can rule anything out, even if she's not sure what it is yet.

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Suggestion: like to see a doctor?

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You'll have to go for check up with doctor asap. Check out if its cancer or not because cancerous cell in liver can be quite dangerous to life.

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