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can vinegar kill sperm?

My boyfriend and I just had a baby 8 months ago ... I think I'm pregnant again... but I can't have it... I mean we're not ready for another... can vinegar kill sperm?


How long does sperm stay in your system before it dies?

Simple Question How Long Does Sp**m Stay in your system Before it Dies, and how many days before you ovulate can you actually get pregnant


Can saliva kill precum and or sperm?

I heard people saying that saliva can kill sperm cus is so acidic. is that true?? and can it really kill precum more than sperm it self? also how effective is 1 month on BC?


What are these white bumps on my penis?

I get white small ''popups'' around my penis head for a while (1-2 years).
but they not disturb me, I'm curious what are they. Maybe I'm sick?

So what are they?
Is it serious?


Can getting fingered wit sperm and your finger gt you pregnant?

I was giving a lad a handjob and when he the sperm was on my finger we were messng and it touched near my vagina does that mean im pregant? I wasn on the pill

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Is there something abnormal about my sperm.

I've asked a couple really close guy friends and some girls who would know and they say there cum is white. mine is clear... could there be something wrong?

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Sperm coming out with urine and burning

I was peeing just a few moments ago and when I was almost finished, I noticed that another substance was coming out and fell in the toliet in drops. It was not the normal cum that comes out with ejaculation, but slightly different. I noticed that it ...


How long does Sperm last

How long would sperm last in a female body before dying?
(her vagina at least)

I didn't ejaculate or anything, but I'm just wondering.
We only had intercourse for about 45 seconds or less.
mm.. 3 times in.. 3 times out to be really specific.

I highl...

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How is it possible to become pregnant without inserting his penis?

it is possible to get pregnant while it was your first day of your period. and by just fooling around your boyfriend dry humps you him in shorts and you in underwear with a pad. and then he kinda touched you with his penis but never insert your vagina ...

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how long does sperm stay inside the woman's body

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Is wanking good or bad ?

I wank a lot but I don't konw if wanking is bad or does stuff to you or.. is it just wanking and does nothink but let sperm out!?

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Is dry humping safe? Can you get pregnant?

me and my boyfriend were dry humping yesterday I was in my pjs and he was in his boxers is it possible that sperm got in or what

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What is the posibility of someone getting pregnet if fingered?

Well me and my boyfriend were dry humping , we were spooning and his penis was between my legs. I had my thong on still and I felt him pre cum on me. (I felt the pre cum with my leg right when he did it. But his penis was right on my vagina) after I no...

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How can you make a girl pregnant wthout intercourse?

My boyfriend was rubbing his dick to my pussy after he ejaculated and rubbed off his penis with tissue like hour before?

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Will I get pregnant ??

Ok, so my boyfriend decided to finger me, but first he touched his dick by wanking it, but sperm didnt come out though, then he fingered me with the same hands that he touched hes dick with. Isit likely I will end up pregnant? or not?

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Can a cervix block d entire vagina?

Help, please I'm a virgin.if I try stickn a finger into my vagina I encounter an obstruction. I know its my cervix,bt why is it so close? how can a penis eva get in?

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Can cum cause pregnancy?

I looked at a question That said Cum can cause pregnancy, is that true???!!! I thought only Sperm could cause pregnancy!!! I swallowed a little of my boyfriends cum today and need reassurance I'm safe!!! *Becomes nervous*


Dangerous handjobs

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were fooling around. She gave me a handjob, and I ejaculated into her hand. In order to take precaution, we both washed our hands with soap, and watched an hour and a half movie. After the movie, I fingered her. My concer...

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omg help???

coul I get pregnant if my boyfriend put his penis around my vergina and his prec*m went around my vergina and also could I get pregnant if he put a little c*m on his finger then put it inside of me???
if this helps it happened yesterday which was abo...

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Get pregnant without actually having intercourse

I was with my girlfriend yesterday, and as usually we were hooking up, and one thing lead to another and I pulled off her pants to finger her. and a little after, she pull down mine for a hand job. so both of our pants were off and I was on top of he...

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Vagina bumps on the inside?

On the inside of my vagina, (where the penis goes) the skin is kinda bumpy and rough. Not smooth like further inside it.

I think it's from getting fingered too hard, and nails.
I was with a guy who didn't know what he was doing and it hurt pretty bad...

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Inner thigh odor and anus odor

Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation.

I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat doe...


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