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Hide scar wrist

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thin wrists

I can fit my little finger and my thum around my wrist because the are really can I get them thicker???

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Cuts. Scarring?

When ever you get a cut, or cut is the wound always guaranteed to scar?
Or do some cuts heal without scarring?


How to hide it when you're high?

If someone smokes weed. Howw can him/her hide the faact tht teir high?

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How can I stop cutting my wrists?

I cut my wrists. L:( have been for a while, I can't stop, I need to stop, how can I stop? I'm really depressed, and I'm losing friends cause of it, what can I do:(?


How can I hide that I cut from my parents?

Hey I cut and I need help but I dont want my parents to find out and I have all these scars to hide and my mom keeps asking me not to wear sleeves what do I do?


Where can I hide condoms in my room?

Where is a good place to put condoms that a parent would probably never look?


How to get rid of scars on my legs?

how can I get rid of ugly scars like bug bites and scratches on my legs, I want to be able to wear shorts this summer!


How do I lose weight fast and hide it?

i am not really trying to be anorexic but i do want to no how to lose weight fast and how to hide it for my mom and grama please respond and tell me because i really need to lose weight .


How can I help my best friend who is extremely depressed, but hides it and refuses to talk to someone about it?

:( I'm really worried about him, but I don't know how I can help?


Is it normal for abused people to hide it?

Is it normal if your abused you dont show any emotion and you cant tell that person is abused?
Like you see them as a perfect person?


Scars on my arm

Well, im having blood tests tomorrow and they're taking my blood ...well, I have scratches on my left arm, well they're more like scars, and I dont know which arm they take your blood from?? does anyone know? :(


Is cutting her legs the same as her arms and wrists?

my friend is cutting her legs,is that the same as cutting your arms and wrist?

her mom caught her and apperantly she stopped but I dont think I can trust her,
please help


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Is my wrist fractured or sprained?

I hurt my wrist 2 days ago, and I was skateboarding fell with my arm out.
And it hurts really bad its throbbing and it painful and its not really swollen.
So is my wrist probably fractured or sprained???


Why do my acne scars become noticable after I throw up?

Everytime I throw up the acne scars on my face become a lot more red and noticable. I dont know if this happens to anyone else or if anyone can give me a answer!


How can I help heal my sprained wrist?

I came off my skateboard today and landed on my wrist. I'm lucky I didn't break it, but I was wondering what I could do to help it heal faster...? It's sprained and bruised.


Wrist piercing

I want a wrist piercing, Do they hurt?
Can I do it by myself?
If I've done allot of research.
I've done my ears but this isn't the same.
I've done allot of piercings for my friends, non of them messed up.
But I dont think I should do mine by myself.


How long do burn scars last?

Like, if you have a 1st degree burn, will you loose pigment if you're pale?
Ughhh I can't word this but how bad does the burn have to be to leave you scarred and if so, what color would the scar be?


How can I hide my cutting?

I can't stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don't want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide...


Wrist surgery

I am going to have wrist arthroscopy to repair a torn ligament. What should I expect??? If anyone knows anything, about any part of this process and/or recovery, please answer.


Why do people say cutting your wrists is a suicide attempt?

Most people don't even cut deep enough to bleed to death. I hear people just do it for the pain.
To "take their mind of their emotional pain"


How can I break my ankle and/or wrist?

how can I land on my ankle and/ or wrist after I fall off my bike over the handlebars because I want to be sure people care and I want some guys to rescue me please tell me I need some answers


Can you swim with a broken wrist?

I broke mt wrist and I love swiming but the doctor said not to get my cast wet.
I'v heard about these covers that you can put over the cast so it dosnt get wet
But I'v only heard about them, are there realy any?

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Can you go in a coma from slitting your wrists?

Well my friend once told me she was going to comit suicide by slitting her wrists, it really worried me because I love her very much, so I told her she possibly wont die, but she can go in a comma. But I want to know, is it possible to go in a coma for...


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