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Bronzer scar

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Chaffing scars

Over the years, I have always been overweight. My thighs have been chaffed for what seems like 20 years. Because I am an African-American, the chaffing rash now looks black, accompanied with little bumps. My question is exactly what is it and how do...


Biting left permanant scar

Ok so my girlfriend bites, me really hard, of course I love it, but she bite me so hard on my left arm, that theres a black teeth mark scar on my arm, and its been 2 months, and its not going away, and there is a small bump where the scar is. Is this a...


Rug burn scar???

alright a few days ago I got a rug burn on the side of my right eye. now part of the scab has come off and the skin that was underneath is still red. also if I touch the red skin it still burns slightly. does this mean that I did not heal all the way a...


Tips To Reduce Scarring?

My cat, in a feeble attempt to get away from the dog, attached himself to whatever he could find - namely, my face.

Now I have some deep long cuts on my face, that although they won't stop bleeding, are not serious enough for stitches, but they will...


Will the cut in my arm scar?

I had a pretty long (7 inch) cut along my arm, that has been about 1mm deep. About a half after this and a month, I have a bright red / pink line where it had been, that is pretty lumpy. I would apply TCP to the cut while it was still open, but the sca...


Why did my scars turn white?

So far this weekend everyday I've been outside on a boat. I put some tanning lotion stuff on my lower legs because they never seem to tan. They got a lil bit of sunburn on them. But what I thought was odd was the fact that my scars turned white instead...


I have a scar on my face, and i believe people stare at it

Ok i have a scar on my face, i mean it isnt that bad but when i see people atring at me i feel like shit. it makes me feel like im ugly and i need help really bad how can i make this scar go away with out Get plastic /s? I really hate it and im16 and i...


Scar tissue please answer

Ok so about 5 months ago I cut open my upper lip b swinging something around, it got infected and I guess theres scar tissue from it, cant see it but its in the lip, had it checked to make sure but it hasnt changed..or gone away does scar tissue go awa...


Scar Tissue on belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced 4-22-08. on the top hole, it is a bit redish purpulish. but you cant really see it if you look at. I know its there because its mine. I read around and I think its called scar tissue, b ut im not exactly sure what that is. can s...


Why don't i feel emotionally scarred?

This is probably the most stupid question you guys have read, but basically I was raped last week, and im in shock but i dont feel like frightend or disgusted or upset etc... is there a reason? will all these feelings come later on? I dont even cry whe...


What would happen to my scar on my stomach if I were to ever have a baby?

I have a 7 inch scar down the middle of my stomach from an operation i had 2 years ago, what would happen to it if i were to ever have a baby? after it stretches would it ever shrink back to normal? also if you have any tried and trusted methods for ge...


Why is my scar from getting stitches hurting?

It keeps stinging. If you need to know how I got it..My cat attacked my feet while I was walking, I tripped, and landed with the corner of a metal heater in my arm. It keeps stinging, almost a burning/tingly feeling. And its kinda scratchy. Any ideas?...


scars! help me im serious!

how to get rid of scars fast! like at least by june?
I want them to be gone before the prom I tried mederma didnt work I tried bio-oil too slowish and I tried cocoa buttter and tried putting makeup on them but nothing works

heres somethings you may n...


Why am I waking up with scars on my arms and hands?

Ok so the day that I was going to the fair I woke up withg a f on my left hand on the top (a scratch), the other day I woke up with a single scratch on my left hand going from the top to the palm around me thumb and to day I wake up and there is a ba...


C-section scar pain

So I've been having this really bad pain here lately around the area where my c-section scar is - it's been about 5 months now since I had the c-section && I hadn't had any problems with it at all until now && lately I've also been having these pains i...


Keloid Scars

my friend had surgery on her shoulder about two years ago, and now she has a keloid scar. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a raised scar that is somewhat hard...and trust b e told it sorta looks finger shaped...

she is so self consci...


Self harm scars, how to hide them on vacation?

I'm going on holiday in july, for a week to majorca, but I have all these white scars over my thighs and fore arms. My parents are bound to find out I've been self harming because you cant exactly wear a hoody while swimming!!!

I really dont know what...


Laser Treatment for scars and acne - Does it really work?

Good afternoon,

I recently went for a consultation at a place called Celibre ( in Orange County, CA. My face is not that bad but I do have acne along with some dark scarring. I have taken acutain in the pa...


is this wrong?

I have a brown scar below my head on the p*nis


can I use neosporin??

can I take neosporin after being circumsized???
meaning on the scar where the stiches are??


What is it like getting your period?

I'm scarred and don't know what expect I'm 13 I'm I a late bloomer?


How can you safely pop a pimple?

I have a HUGE pimple on the left corner of my bottom lip. How can I pop it so it won't leave a scar and it will be gone!?!?


How does seeing cuts trigger someone who is a cutter?

It happens to me but i dont understand why it is i get the urge when i see other peoples scars or cuts


Pregnant at 13

I am pregnet and I am13 what do I do my mom will kill me but I got raped so will she still be mad and I want to keep the baby I am scarred


Is it normal to get scaring on your boobs?

Im 15 and my 34DD cup has grown a lot faster than I have. Is it normal to get scaring on your boobs? How would you get rid of the scars?

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