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Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn't have one at all. I've taken two test which both came up negative. So if I'm not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?


Can worrying cause a missed period?

Can worrying cause a missed period?


Will nicotine show up in a blood test?

I'm having a blood test next week - if I don't drink or smoke in that week before the test will the nicotine or alcohol show up? I've only been smoking a bit recently but I don't wanna get done over by my parents :S Oh yes and if anyone knows if they t...


What's this lump in part of my vagina?

I have found a lump. in part of my Vagina wot could this be? imreally worried sum1 plz help i dntknow wot to do x

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What do they do during a physical?

what do they do when you get a pyhsical.


any good ways to get rid of the stuffyness?

The past cuple days, I've had a really stuffed up nose and have been sneezing a lot. Anyone know any good ways to get rid of the stuffyness?


how to pass a U.A. fast

okay so I' on probation and I have to give u.a.'s but how doi clean them fast like pills or secret tricks please thank you your all saving me from jail!
+peace out


Period queston

Brown stringy period(I think)
It lasted for like 7-8 days
Like my normal period.
Could it be because of stress...
The fact I've started cross country
Or something else?


Why does my body get ice cold when I get angry?

I never had this problem till I found a text message in my boyfriend's phone of him telling some other girl that he "wanted her." I was in shock, then my body went cold, started shaking and it got worse at mins went past. And ever since that day I shiv...


Why does my knee turn purple/blue?

When my left knee gets cold, for some reason it turns purple/blue. It has done it all my life, and it even happens in the summer too. But in the winter it will get so cold I start to limp. And another weird thing about the same left knee is that there ...


How can you stop the peeling of sunburned skin?

How can you get your skin to stop peeling or slow down the process or not make it so noticeable to everyone?



How does a vaccination protect you??


How can we have a baby?

I'm 22 and My husband is 44. We have been married for 2 years and together for 6 years.
I would love to have children with him. We are both working and would not rely on the state to keep us. However there is one problem. My husband had a vasectomy...


Hurt My Toe...2 Months ago

Ran over my foot pulling golf cart out of the mud and rear cage ran over my big toe.Limped for about two days and was fine. I have full range of motion in all my toes but nail is black almost completely.Anything I should do? What should I do?? Thanks f...


How do you get tan if youre anemic?

I wernt to the doctor last year and he said I am low in iron and therefore anemic. it makes me really pale and it is hard for me to get a tan. I dont burn or anything, the sun just bounces off me. I wouldnt mind except that im so plae that it looks gr...

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depression causing irregular periods??

could my depression be causing me to like entirely skip my period, and then get 2 like a couple of weeks apart and stuff like that?? and is it normal to have it really hevily that first 2 days and then be REALY light the next few??


How, if im on my period can I still use a dildo?

Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks


Do old people puke?

when I say old, I mean people in their 80's or 90's?


lower abdomen pains after making out

After making out with my girlfriend for about an hour or two, my girlfriend started feeling pains in her lower abdomen right after she left my house.
She said that it was sharp pains that comes and goes, and she has said that she has been peeing a lot...


lump thing on my skin in between my bum and vagina

Can someone tell me if this is normal please??.. I have a kinda lump thing on my skin in between my bum and vagina and don't no wetha its suposed 2 b thr or something serious am 2 scared to go to the doctors.

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How long does it take to get addicted to smoking?

How long does it take to get addicted to smoking?

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Is bloody discharge normal for girls?

hey girls, I'm just curious if it's normal to have some kind of bloodyish discharge, like its not super bloody, just a little bit. I'm not on my period so idt it could havee anything to do with that, but if anyone could help me, that would be great!!!


Is it a sprain?

I was at work last friday and as I was going down a few steps, someone caught my attention so I turned back. When I turned around once more to continue down the stairs, I stepped weird, and I fell down. Immediately my ankle began to kill. my in about ...


Does white noise really aid sleep?

does white noise really work? Should I try listening to it? I've also been told the noise of a fan will help as well


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