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How to survive a breakup

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How much weight do you usually lose when you're sick?

So I've been sick for about two weeks now and for most of this past week I haven't been able to keep food in my system(thanks to diarrhea and vomiting). Anyway I weighed myself a few days before I got sick and I was about 183 when I weighed myself toda...


Do all men have hairy assses?

what percentage of men have hairy asses? I really look for that in a man.

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How to gain confidence and lose low self esteem?

I've been very depressed since 7th grade which was like 2 years ago. I've been called names by many people on this site. I've been really scared to get out of the house. And I can't talk to people often. I have them talk to me. That's why I haven't tal...


How Many To Make Me Go To Sleep?

How many generic ibuprofens does it take to make someone go to sleep?


Can you get high on Deep Heat?

and if so how?? Im not saying im about to go out and get high over it. thats just stupid im just really curious cause i heard someone say you can but im not sure if its true or not.


What is the best medicine for sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion in the bridge of my nose and in my chest?

It's not quite a cold, but it's just the pollen in the air that's been bothering me really bad and I can't even get to work, anyone got ideas


My balls hurt

I think I might have blue balls help


How can I control my temper?

I need help controlling my temper.


Can you get a heart attack from stress?

Ok my moms had two heart attacks that caused her to pass out.Well shes going to the doctor this friday to get thoroughly checked out but theres a problem.I MIGHT be pregnant.IT IS NOT MY MOMS FAULT.she is a good protective mother.I admitt It was my fau...


How to stop my menstrual cycle for my vacation?

Please help, I am going to hawaii, and its going to be hot, and im going to start my period, and is there any way to stop it? Or just stop it for a little while at least, my biggest concern, is because im going snorkeling with sharks, and I get sun str...


Sleeping pills, how to get them out of your system

How can you get them out of your system if you have taken too there something that can help you vomit them out


I keep punching my face

I started accidently punching my face while I was sleeping and waking up with bruises and black eyes... this was only occaisonally, then I done it almost every night.. for some reason now when im upset or angry with myself I punch myself in the face a...


How soon after taking antibiotics can I drink alcohol?

how soon after I'm off my antibiotics can I drink alcohol?


Can you get pregant from fingering

I wanna know can you get pregant from fingering, or can that affect your vagina later on in life.
Does that mean you lose your virginity

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What it feels like?

For about the last month my sides around where my hip should be have been feeling different
Does it mean I am growing hip?
I kinda see it in the mirror and then sometimes I dont
The feeling is like something is expanding
Lol im have the feeling r...


Can your heart explode?

Can someone please give me all the info you can on how a heart can explode or what its called or how it can happen. Legit answers please!


How can I lower thc levels in 24 hrs?

I just had my ua and it came up positive, I told my p.o. That my dad has his medical and the smoke comes up through my vent all day long, he told me to come back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. To test again so he could see the level of the thc and see if its e...


My depression is acting up again

so I've been fine the past couple of weeks, but right now I'm just straight up pissed and depressed. I want to make this all go away so I can go back to how I was. Right now I just want everyone in my house to leave so I can get wasted and smoke. How c...


It's stuck in my throat!

Ok last night and tonight I had to take my medicine, and I can feel the pill stuck in my throat, and eating something and drinking something wont put it down!!! I can swallow large pills though and im going insane help!! I even ate like 10 crackers an...

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Lot's of pain in my stomach when I lay down (I'm pregnant!)

Himy name is natalie, I'm 16 and I'm 5 and a 1/2 months pregnant almost 6 and when ever I lay down in bed or sit down the baby pushes on my pelvis and my bladder and starts moving around a lot it hurts a lot and I'm worried is it normal?? Also if you c...


How do I get a splinter out of my eyelid?

Okay, so I have this splinter thing (it's probably a little picker from our hay) (like, the kind animals eat) and it's IN MY EYELID! just below the crease... and... I CAN'T GET IT OUT WITH A TWEEZERS! the end is too small. but...IT HURTS! is there...


Is a 5 and a half inch or 6 in dick normal for a 14 year old guy

Hey is 5 and a half inch dick normal and or 6 inches for a 14 year old? Just wondering cus guna get laid soon lol wish me good luck :)

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Excess flesh hanging out of vigina

Hello, I am in my teens and about 18 months ago a large piece of flesh grew and hung outside my vigina. I was a bit worried at first but just ignored it. It was uncomfortable but I slowly got used to it. It's the same colour as the rest of the inside o...


I'm on Birth Control Pills and my nipples hurt, can I be pregnant?

When they say your breast hurt, is there something specific about it?
My nipples hurt, but thats the only thing.
I last period was November 2nd.
But I've been waiting to get a pregnancy test.
I'm going to be buying one as soon as the holidays start...


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