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How do I get rid of my Mom's boyfriend?

how do I get rid of my moms boyfriend boy friend

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I hate my Mom's boyfriend

I hate my moms boyfriend what do I do, I am forced to live here with him, and I just cant stand him what do I do?

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meeting daughter's boyfriend's parents

We are going out to dinner to meet my daughter's boyfriend's parents. Do we offer to pay?

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How do I convince my parents to let me sleep with my boyfriend?

My parents trust me...and all I really want to do is to just sleep in his arms. How can I convince my parents to let me?

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How can I tell my mom I have a boyfriend? mom doesnt let me have boyfriends and im 14!! It might not be a big deal but to me it does...and I want to tell her bout him how do I??

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What do I talk about with my boyfriend's parents?

what do I talk about with tmy boyfriends parents! we have been dating like almost two years and they think I dont like them cause I really talk to him with him there! what do I say!


How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?

I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling.

What to do?

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How do I tell my parents im moving out with my boyfriend?

Here is the situation, im almost 22 years old and I still live at home with my parents... I work with them and live with them, its so annoying to be with them 24/7... I just want to move out and not have them control my life anymore... the other thing...


Is it legal to move in with my 21 year old boyfriend?

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm 17 and I have a 21 year old boyfriend. We both live in Texas. And we have been together for seven months. Which means we were together when I was 16. My parents hate us being together. I hate living at home with their constan...


How can I treat my mother better?

I live in a great neighborhood with a family anyone would want to have. The only problem is me. I always screw things up by making my mom cry or just being a complete idiot. She's a single parent so she works all day and is really stressed out. When sh...


mother-in-law and the sister-in-law

My MIL favors her other daughter in law. They talk by cell and email all day. They gossip and talk about me and my flaws as a person. How do I know? I just do b/c I will say one story to my SIL and then my MIL will ask a question. Over the years I have...


How do I deal with a controlling, over-sensitive mother?

My mother keeps crossing the line with me, trying to control every aspect of my life with forced and unwanted advice. She is extremely giving and self-sacrificing, but she undermines all my decisions. Since my children were born, she plays favorites wi...


am I too old for a spanking

im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent

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How can I get my parents out of the house?

My mom doesn't work, and doesn't like to go out much, but I want to invite my boyfriend over while she and my dad are out, but I never seem to be home alone!! Also, I need to get my sister out of the house too!

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What if my friend's Mom doesn't like me?

Well I guess my Best Friends Mom thinks I take advantage of her. Her Mom has NO clue what are friendship is like if she thinks I take advantage of her. If I am such a bad friend why does my friend want to hangout with me all the time? I know Im a good ...


Can I move out if I am underage and I have a place to go?

I am only 14 and my dad and I dont get along at all. I want to move out and my boyfriend's parents will let me live with them, but can I? We talk about getting married and everything. I am a good student I get good grades I already have scholorships...

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Can A Minor Move Out At 17?

Hi well this question arose when another question was asked about moving out at 16. I myself have been wanting to move out and I am about to turn 17 next month. Now my question is, as a minor, can I even purchase an apartment? And if so, then how do I ...


How can I lose this baby without my parents knowing?

Well, im a 14 year old girl, and im preg.. I dont know what to do. I know I have to lose it..-_-.. it hurts me to lose it,because ima mommy.. my boyfriend is ok with it.. but after thinking about it.. I dont really want tolose it.. but I need to.....

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Why should girls be spanked untill an older age?

Hi my name is sara I am 16 years old, I live with my parents and two brothers, age 14 and 15. Last week when I had a fight with my oldest brother my mother gave me spanking but my brother was only grounded and had to do extra chores as punishment. I ak...

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Should I kick my 23-year-old daughter out?

My daughter is 23 and still living at home, we are very frustrated with her and how she is living her life. She does have a full time job as a Dental Assistant, making very little to support herself. She pays no rent and we cover her car insurance an...


Why would my sister in law be so horrible to me?

The most recent thing my sister in law did to me has hurt me beyond repair; she literally went to such extreme efforts to hurt and exclude me that I had no idea how horrible she really is until now and I don't know how to handle it. She has always had...


Why is my mom so mean to me?

Okay, this is a long one, but PLEASE PLEASE read it
I just don't get it, my mom treats me like a pile of shit. She expects way to much of me and I noticed that she likes to blame all of her problems on either me or someone other than her. For example, ...


My mom does not allow me to do any kind if hair removal on my legs.

Alright so, last year I sneaked behind my parents' backs by shaving my legs with an eybrow shaver. & I used that kind of shaver ( I know it's not a proper good shaver to use) but I like the way my legs feels. It was smooth and hair free! Until my fathe...

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