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So here is what happened:

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Mom kept telling me for no reason to quit parenting my brothers and sister, because my sister had asked me if she could go do something and I was tired of mom's yelling so I told her not to ask me. Then we got in this big fight while I was doing the dishes, and she LET my little brother come up to me and say "shut up CHILD" and she didn't do anything so I threw the dish down on the ground, cuz as I said, she favors to him a lot more, and she started screaming at me and I had been crying something I hardly do so my head was hurting and so I went to my room and took a nap, and have ignored her since. I feel unwanted... when can I legally live on my own and get a job? I really hate it here... she treats my brother like a king.... she lets HIM act like boss, and then blames me. Why?!!